School Health Program

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School nurses positively impact student health and academic performance by delivering school health services that include health education, prevention initiatives, injury and illness care, medication administration, chronic and complex condition management, trauma resiliency training, emergency preparedness, and care coordination services.

Individual Student Health Services

  • Care coordination and community resource identification
  • Direct provision or delegation and supervision of nursing healthcare services including complex care such as
    • asthma care and education
    • behavioral health screening and referral
    • concussion care
    • diabetes management
    • gastrostomy (G)-tube feeding
    • hypertension management
    • in-and-out catheterization
    • ostomy care
    • oxygen administration
    • seizure management
    • suicide prevention
    • trauma and resiliency support
  • Emergency, illness, and injury care, planning, and training
  • Healthcare needs assessments for individual students and staff member
  • Healthcare plan development, revision, and evaluation including
    • Emergency Action Plans
    • Individual Healthcare Plans
    • Health-related components of Individual Education Programs (IEP) or 504
  • School staff instruction and supervision in provision of care for students with special healthcare needs
  • Student assistance team member and resource for develop health-related student accommodations
  • Student screening for conditions that impact access to education such as vision screening

School-Wide Health Services

  • Assessment of school community health and safety issues
  • Communicable disease control and outbreak response in schools
  • Health and substance misuse prevention and awareness education
  • Health-related community resource liaison for schools
  • Instruction and oversight for medication administration processes in schools
  • Delegation of student health care with training and supervision
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