4th Year Medical Electives

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Acting Internship in Ob/Gyn: OBGN 411

The Acting Internship (AI) in Ob/Gyn is a four-week largely inpatient experience working with residents and faculty (physicians and CNMs). The AI experience can focus on Labor and Delivery (L&D), gynecologic oncology (GYN ONC), or both.

The L&D experience typically includes two weeks of night float with residents and generalist faculty, and two weeks with the day team of residents, generalists, and midwives. The student is expected to fulfill all duties of an intern including but not limited to rounding on postpartum patients, evaluating patients in triage, admitting and following patients in labor, and participating in vaginal deliveries and surgeries such as cesarean sections or tubal ligations.

The GYN ONC experience involves working with the inpatient team of residents and gyn oncology faculty. Duties include but are not limited to rounding on patients, preparing for and participating in surgeries, assisting with nonsurgical patient admissions, and following floor patients. Some examples of surgical experiences on ONC include hysterectomies (robotic and open), debulking and staging procedures, port placements, and breast surgeries. Students may also be asked to assist in benign GYN surgeries.

Weekend call is not required. This year, students will be asked to spend approximately one day per week in one of our clinics.

Acting Interns sometimes ask to spend two weeks on L&D and two weeks on gyn oncology. It is also possible to focus on just one of these experiences for the entire rotation. We will confirm your interests and needs before determining your final schedule.

The clerkship site director reviews and approves applications for visiting students. The UNC School of Medicine has an Asheville Campus, where a group of UNC students complete their major clinical year through a longitudinal integrated clerkship. MAHEC hosts visiting students through UNC School of Medicine but the MAHEC Ob/Gyn residency program is not otherwise affiliated with the UNC Ob/Gyn residency program. MAHEC Ob/Gyn Residency is separate from UNC Chapel Hill.

The MAHEC Ob/Gyn residency program welcomes interested students to work with our residents and our program to gain experience in an area that is not available through their home institution. While we understand that an AI may be helpful for you to learn more about our program, please know that completion of an AI with our program is not taken into consideration during our ranking process. For equity reasons, since not all students are able to participate in away rotations, we do not consider AI completion in our ranking.

If you are interested in completing an AI at MAHEC, please submit the following with your VSLO application:

  • CV
  • Personal statement describing your interest in an AI at MAHEC, and specifically detailing what you are hoping to experience during your AI that is not available at your home institution
  • A letter of support from your clerkship director describing what experience you are hoping to gain at MAHEC that is not available at your home institution
  • COMLEX or USMLE Step 1 Score


Questions? Reach out via e-mail:

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