4th Year Medical Electives

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Acting Internship in Ob/Gyn: OBGN 411

An intensive Acting Internship inpatient experience with the resident team and attending(s) focusing either on labor and delivery (L&D) or gyn oncology.

The L&D experience would include two weeks of night float with residents and generalist faculty, as well as two weeks with the day team of residents, generalists, and midwives. The student would be expected to fulfill all duties of an intern including but not limited to rounding on antepartum or postpartum patients, evaluating outpatients, admitting and following patients in labor, triaging postpartum issues, and participating in cesarean sections, vaginal deliveries, tubal ligations, and dilation and curettage (D&C).

The gyn oncology intensive would involve an inpatient experience of working with the resident team and gyn oncology faculty. Duties would include but not be limited to rounding on postoperative patients, preparing for and participating in surgical cases during the day, assisting with admitting nonsurgical patients as needed, and following floor patients during the day.

Most AIs choose to spend two weeks on L&D and two weeks on gyn oncology. It is also possible to focus on just one of these experiences for the entire AI. We will confirm your interests while confirming your final schedule. Weekend call is not required.

The Acting Internship with MAHEC OB/GYN is open to UNC School of Medicine students. The AI is also open to non-UNC applicants who are seeking an experience that is NOT available at their current institutions. If you are not a UNC student, please include a letter from your clerkship director or residency program director, explaining what opportunities you would have through the AI with MAHEC that are NOT offered at your medical school.


Questions? Reach out via e-mail:

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