Our Curriculum

Delivery Model

The UNC Gillings School's Master of Public Health (MPH) Program in Asheville is an in-person hybrid program that leverages high quality online material. A full day of classes is held on site once a week. Classes include professor-led workshops and seminars, community-based simulations, data labs, and student-led teaching with expert-facilitated discussion groups. These classroom experiences build team collaborative skills and allow networking with faculty and community partners.

Once-weekly classroom experiences are supplemented with high quality online lectures and materials that students review during the week. Asheville-based faculty are present for onsite classes. UNC Gillings School faculty are present both in person and through streaming interfaces. Community leaders are brought in to lead discussions, workshops, and case simulations. Student teams are partnered with local community organizations to develop community-promoted public health programs.

Integrative Core Classes

  • Data Analysis
  • Methods and Measures
  • Understanding Public Health Issues
  • Conceptualizing Solutions
  • Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Solutions

Leadership in Practice Classes

  • Public Health Leadership
  • Quality Improvement and Systems Change
  • Social Transformation
  • Systems Design for Implementation
  • Leading Program Planning and Evaluation

WNC Place-Based Classes

  • Introduction to Place-Based Public Health
  • Individual Transformation
  • Community Transformation
  • Systems Transformation in Rural Settings
  • Applied Practice Experience
  • Integrated Learning Experience

Sample Weekly Schedule


  • Read through case study on food scarcity in elementary children of Buncombe County
  • Watch online lecture on confounding and information bias
  • Continue required reading from texts as outlined by syllabi
  • Prepare teaching discussion on learning objectives assigned at last class
8-9:00 am  Understanding Public Health Issues
Framing issue as public health priority; sources of public health knowledge
  Small Group - Student-led teaching on identified learning issues from prior week
  Large Group - New case-based information
  Small Group - Identify social determinants and assign learning objectives
9-10:00  Analysis for Public Health
Graphic display of data types
  Large Group - Review assignments
  Discuss data types and graphical displays
  Workshop with WNC Healthy Impact data set
11-12:00pm Public Health Methods and Measures
  Discuss study bias and errors
  Small group discussion critiquing journal article from NEJM
12-1:00  Lunch Break
1-2:00  Group Project
  Preceptor and group work on white paper on current public health problem for core curriculum
2-4:00  Public Health Leadership
  Presentation of public health case from Yancey County
  Role play leadership roles in addressing LHD Community
  Conflict between local restaurant owner and Environmental Services
  Small group discussion of leadership styles and effective management of community conflict
  Large group discussion with UNC Gillings School faculty through online streaming with onsite Asheville faculty

For more information about the UNC Gillings School's MPH Program in Asheville, contact Travis Johnson, MD, MPH, at travisj@email.unc.edu or Sarah Thach, MPH, at sarah.thach@mahec.net.