The Healthy Opportunities Pilot for the Care Manager: Food Services

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The Healthy Opportunities Pilot for the Care Manager: Food Services


Healthy Opportunities Pilots: How Care Managers Can Choose Appropriate Food Services within the Healthy Opportunities Pilot Program

This module focuses on understanding how the human service organizations (HSOs) offering food services will integrate into the Care Management Plans of the Healthy Opportunities Pilots across North Carolina. The module will also review Motivational Interviewing as it applies to assessing for needed and preferred food services for clients.

Approximate time to complete the course: 90 minutes

Learner content includes: video, corresponding course handouts, and interactive exercises

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The Framework

North Carolina's Healthy Opportunities Pilot program is an unprecedented opportunity to test the integration of evidence-based, non-medical interventions into the state's Medicaid program. The Pilots will provide non-medical services to qualifying Medicaid members across four domains: housing, food, transportation and interpersonal violence/toxic stress. Critically, frontline care managers working in Pilot regions will play an essential role in identifying members that may benefit from Pilot services, recommending appropriate services and coordinating their care.

Join us for webinars designed for frontline care managers at the first 3 CINs to participate in the HO Pilots (essential); other frontline care managers serving Pilot regions are encouraged to attend.

Statement of Purpose

Care management teams play a critical role in identifying Medicaid members for the Healthy Opportunities Pilots and connecting them to needed services. These training modules are intended to support care managers in developing the person-centered skills needed to:
• Identify Pilot-eligible members
• Assess eligibility for Pilot participation
• Recommend appropriate Pilots services across different domains (housing, food, transportation, toxic stress, interpersonal violence and others)
• Track member progress over time
• Protect member privacy and confidentiality
• Learn additional other skills to successfully participate in the Pilots

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Target Audience

Identified Care Managers within the Healthy Opportunities Pilot


Upon completion of this module, the Care Manager will be able to:

  • Define Pilot food service eligibility
  • Understand how to connect members with select food services outside of Pilot
  • Integrate basic Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills to support food resource linkage
  • List the 7 domains of food services within the Healthy Opportunities Pilot
  • Identify which Pilot services may be appropriate given member needs


  • Katie Bartholomew, MA, RN
  • Leah E. Yetter, MPH


The Healthy Opportunities Pilot for the Care Manager: Food Services

8/22 8:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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