Stewards of Children/DSS 101

Dec 31–Sep 13, 2023 Closed Mental Health Nursing

Stewards of Children/DSS 101


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Child sexual abuse is likely the most prevalent health problem children face, with the most serious array of consequences. In fact, 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. This means that whether you work with youth, are a parent, or are simply a member of a community, it is highly likely that someone you know or care for has experienced, or is currently experiencing, child sexual abuse. It is going to happen unless you stop it from happening. The good news is it can be stopped. Stewards of Children® uses real people and real stories to show you how to protect children. The framework of the training is built on the foundation of The 5 Steps to Protecting Children™.

Unlike some other child sexual abuse prevention programs that focus on educating children about concepts like good touch-bad touch, stranger danger, tricky people, etc., Stewards of Children® focuses on adult education because ultimately, it is the responsibility of adults to keep children safe. This training approaches the difficult topic of child sexual abuse in a way that is inspiring, not fear-focused or depressing. It does not feature perpetrators of abuse, but instead uses a combination of advice from field experts, stories from adult survivors, and insight from concerned parents. This program's practical, five-step approach is widely applicable and provides adults with the tools to protect the children in their lives and youth serving organizations.

You will meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing. You will meet experts who work with children and families and confront abuse on a daily basis. Many of these survivors and experts are also parents themselves. Stewards of Children® is the only evidence-informed, third-party evaluated child sexual abuse prevention training of its kind.

Once you learn to recognize and react to child sexual abuse, you may wonder what happens when you make a report. A representative from Buncombe County Department of Social Services will discuss what triggers an investigation, how an investigation is conducted, and possible outcomes of an investigation, including placement alternatives.

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Target Audience

This program is for nurses, psychologists, counselors, social workers, law enforcement, school counselors, school nurses, community members, and other professionals working with children.


At the end of this educational training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify The 5 Steps to Protecting Children™
  • List three steps in the investigation process of the Department of Social Services when child sexual abuse is reported


  • Colleen R. Burnet, BSW
  • Mick F. McGuire, Jr., BSW, MBA


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