NC AHEC CHW Specialty Training Program: Overview of Medicaid Managed Care

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NC AHEC CHW Specialty Training Program: Overview of Medicaid Managed Care


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NC AHEC, as an anchor partner in the NC CHW Initiative, is committed to ensuring that Community Health Workers have access to ongoing training and professional development resources. As a vital workforce for advancing health equity, it is important that CHWs are able to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills for providing all North Carolinians with the opportunity for health and wellness. Through funding provided by the NC DHHS Department of Health Benefits (Medicaid), NC AHEC has worked with other key stakeholders, including CHWs and CHW supervisors, to develop standards for CHW Specialty training, identify key training topics, and develop a series of online modules specifically geared towards preparing CHWs to partner with primary care practices as part of the new Medicaid Managed Care network.

Each module provides continuing education credit recognized by the NC CHW Association for the purposes of maintaining certification. Some modules stand alone in terms of the topic covered, while others can be combined to deepen CHW knowledge and skills on a particular topic. Each module has been co-developed with CHWs to ensure the focus of learning and style of education reflects CHW culture and real-life scenarios. This module is divided into three sections focusing on an overview of NC Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care, the role of CHWs in Medicaid Managed Care, and the role of CHWs in client advocacy.

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Partners on the CHW Specialty Training Work Group:
Avery Health Education and Consulting, LLC
Carolina Community Tracing Collaborative
Central Piedmont Community College
CommUnity Healing through Activism and Strategic Mobilization (CHASM) Institute
Durham Tech Community College
Mountain AHEC
NC Community Health Center Association
NC CHW Association
NC DHHS Office of Rural Health
North Central Carolina University
NorthWest AHEC
Piedmont AHEC
Saint Augustine's University
South Piedmont
Southern Regional AHEC
UNC Pembroke

Approximate time to complete the course: 90 minutes

Learner content includes: Video, corresponding course handout, exercises and a brief post test.

Participants have unlimited time to complete this course and access course materials.

This course is part of the online NC AHEC Community Health Worker courses of recorded content.

In Collaboration with



Target Audience

Community health workers, lay health workers, outreach workers, and other frontline public health workers improving the health of their communities, and the supervisors, colleagues and allies of the CHW workforce


Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of NC Medicaid Program
  • Describe why NC is implementing Medicaid Managed Care
  • Describe and identify key components of Medicaid Managed Care
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key terms
  • Identify NC Medicaid Managed Care Quality and Population Health Priorities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of additional key terms: Care Management, SDOH, Clinically Integrated Network
  • Identify the key ways CHWs can make an impact on Population Health Priorities: SDOH, Chronic Disease Health Education, Access to Care
  • Identify the key settings CHWs can work in as part of Medicaid Managed Care: PHP, CIN, AMH, CBO
  • Describe NCCARE360 and other tools CHWs can use to fulfill their roles
  • Identify common questions clients may have about NC Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care: How to apply and choose a Health Plan, and what are my Benefits
  • Identify common challenges clients may experience with NC Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care: What to do if my PCP is not in-network with my Health Plan and how to change my Health Plan
  • Describe resources to support clients who have questions or concerns about NC Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care
  • Demonstrate knowledge of additional key terms: Enrollment Broker, Ombudsmen, Member Handbook, Benefits, Value Added Services, Formulary, In-Network Provider, Out of Network Provider


  • Kathey A. Avery, RN, BSN, CN, CTTS
  • Janet Bennett, Business Administration
  • Carla P. Ragin, CHW
  • Evan Richardson, RN, CNM, MSN
  • Dylan Simosko, NC Medicaid Ombudsman


NC AHEC CHW Specialty Training Program: Overview of Managed Medicaid

12/31 9:55 AM – 9:55 AM


.200 CEU

The Mountain Area Health Education Center designates this entire online continuing education activity as meeting the criteria for 0.20 CEUs as established by the National Task Force on the Continuing Education Unit.

1.500 Contact Hours

MAHEC designates this online continuing education activity as meeting the criteria for 1.50 Contact Hours.


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Applies 11/23/21–12/31/24

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