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The relationship between nutrition and health is well known and documented through medical research. Disease prevention through healthy lifestyle choices is the most effective method of fostering healthier individuals and communities. MAHEC Family Health Centers offer Medical Nutrition Therapy including nutrition counseling and education at our Biltmore location. Our experienced Registered Dietitian, Fred Stichel MS, RD, LDN is available to work with you to achieve your health goals. Fred works with patients of all ages including pediatrics. He can help you:

  • Improve weight management
  • Manage diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduce risk of/better control cardiovascular disease
  • Decrease medication dependence
  • Feel better and have more energy!

Visits consist of nutrition assessment, counseling focused on patient long term health goals and personalized strategies to achieve these goals, assessment of progress and barriers,  and action planning to overcome barriers.

Patients eligible:

  • Patient from all MAHEC practices- physician/provider can refer directly through our EHR
  • MAHEC employees/family members enrolled in MAHEC health insurance plan are eligible for 6 covered visits per year
  • Patients from non-MAHEC practices can have their physician/provider fax referral to (828) 257-4729*

*Insurance coverage may vary, It is patient’s responsibility to confirm insurance coverage. We can provide you with necessary information to check benefits for nutrition coverage.

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