Hot Topics in Breastfeeding

Dec 31–Oct 24, 2023 Closed Nursing Public Health

Hot Topics in Breastfeeding


Hot Topics in Breastfeeding is a breastfeeding education series for local WIC agencies, health departments, hospitals and healthcare professionals offered via Webex once a quarter. Each session will focus on a topic related to lactation management and care of the chest/breastfeeding dyad. This series is funded by and hosted by the Region 1 WIC LATCH (Lactation Area Training Center for Health) and will feature guest speakers on various topics related to lactation.

July 25th - Black Birth and Breastfeeding
Maternal morbidity and mortality are concerns for all women of childbearing age. In North Carolina, data shows that a black woman is 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy and birth complications than other women. Data also shows that black women breastfeed at a lower rate than other women. Why are the pregnancy risks higher for a black woman? Why are the risks for their infants higher? What factors contribute to a lower breastfeeding rate among black families? Nikita Smart, a birth doula and breastfeeding peer counselor with SistasCaring4Sistas will provide insight into the Black Birth and Breastfeeding experience.

October 24th - Queering Birth and Family
In this presentation, you will be exposed to the idea of queering as a verb and queering our ideas of family and birth is a way that facilitates self-assessment in your interactions with queer families and identifies specific changes you may need to make towards queer inclusivity in your practice.

This activity is only being offered via Webex.
All program dates are streamed from 8:30 AM to 10 AM EST.

1.5 credit hours are earned for each session attended.

Target Audience

Healthcare Professionals, Health Department Staff, Nurses, Nutritionists, APP


  • Jill Johnston, OTD
  • London Newton, BPS, Doula
  • Nikita C. Smart, CD (Dona), DBD, CLE


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