20ME034 - Medicine Beyond Medication

Oct 18–Oct 19, 2019 Closed Medicine Mental Health

20ME034 - Medicine Beyond Medication



In this statewide Narrative Healthcare Symposium, discover how creative and reflective writing can supplement clinical practice and care. Hear stories from including surgeons, general practitioners, nurses, social workers, and chaplains, of how narrative practice in healthcare has provided additional support, both for themselves and their patients, clients, and practitioners. Write with practitioners within your discipline, applying data-evidence based methods: Reflective Writing, Expressive Writing, and Poetic Medicine. Share your own stories in a supportive environment very different from any you have encountered, where listening, appreciation, and encouragement balance out the pressures and quandaries of today’s medical field.

Featured honored guest, Dr. Rita Charon, MD, founder of the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia University, Chair of Medical Humanities at Columbia University, and 2019 Jefferson Scholar of the Humanities, will speak on October 18 at 7:00 p.m. at MAHEC in Asheville, followed by a question & answer session. Her talk will provide WNC practitioners guidance into the field of Narrative Medicine, in which third-year medical students and others develop narrative competency and narrative humility through the practice of close reading and reflective writing. Dr. Charon will explore how this practice prepares practitioners with listening skills that support exceptional care. These skills also serve the world beyond the clinic by building the ability to see the whole story of a person’s health, including social determinants.

Follow this link to learn more about Narrative Healthcare.

This symposium is provided with the support of


Humanities Council

Target Audience

Physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, mental health and substance use professionals, chaplains and others interested in narrative healthcare medicine


  • Activate cost-efficient system-change through narrative practice
  • Develop interpretive skills through close attention to narrative
  • Applying story and humanities as a means of addressing social determinants of health


  • Rita Charon, MD, PhD
  • Tanya Davis, MA
  • Cathy DeMatteo, MSN, RN
  • Jeff E. Heck, Sr., MD, CEO
  • Laura Hope-Gill, MFA
  • Laurie R. Kovens, LCSW, MSW
  • Terri Price, MDiv, BA
  • Amy Upham, MPH, CPWIC
  • Daniel J. Waters, DO, MA
  • Cynthia B. Yancey, MD


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