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Resident PGY1

photo David Allenger, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello! My name is David and I was born and raised in the sunny city of Miami, Florida. I obtained my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Florida State University. During this time, I took a particular interest in synthetic organic chemistry, focusing on developing new methods for organic semiconductors used in medical imaging devices and solar panels. I also developed a passion for teaching and helping others during my time as a teaching assistant.

After graduating, I decided to pursue medicine because I felt that it was the perfect bridge between the sciences and humanities. I attended medical school at Florida State University College of Medicine due to their mission of training future patient-centered physicians, educators, and community leaders. During interview season, I felt that MAHEC resonated the most with this sentiment and I immediately felt at home. I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of the internal medicine residency program and MAHEC family.


photo Marie Belmonte, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello everyone! So just a little bit about me: I grew up in Williamsburg, VA and attended VCU in the nearby city of Richmond. After a couple of jobs in the medical field after completing a B.S. in Biology, I journeyed to southwest Virginia and attended VCOM in Blacksburg for medical school. I am so excited to start the next chapter in my life and career in Asheville at MAHEC because I get to be part of the inaugural class of the internal medicine program and I get the best of both worlds of living and working in a diverse city and in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. My interests in medicine include women’s health and underserved medicine. In my free time, I am an avid brewery explorer and hiking outdoors.

photo Elaina Furr, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello! I’m Elaina and I am beyond excited to be joining MAHEC! I grew up in Maryland just outside of DC and fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a teenager while at Nature Camp in Virginia. Since then, I’ve done everything I can to ensure they are my home! I went to Roanoke College and stayed nearby for medical school at VCOM’s Virginia campus. During my third year, I discovered how much I enjoyed internal medicine and knew I wanted to ultimately serve rural Appalachia as a hospitalist. Virtual interviews may have made the 2021 Match an uncertain time, but I was 100% sure MAHEC was where I wanted to be! Their faculty were all so kind and excited to be building this program and I feel honored to be joining them.

Outside of medicine I love hiking, camping, kayaking, spending time with my three sisters, and playing card games. I can’t wait to explore Asheville and get to know my coresidents!

photo Alex Gonzalez, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello everyone! My name is Alex. Since 4th grade, Florida has been my home. I grew up in a small town called Milton, right next to Pensacola. The main reason that I am so excited to join the MAHEC family is that, after meeting some of the wonderful MAHEC personnel and Asheville locals, a part of me feels like I am coming home: the beautiful mountains are a welcomed bonus!

I spent my undergraduate years at Florida State University as part of the marching band called Marching Chiefs, where I met my stunning wife, Bailey. After working as a nurse assistant following graduation, I returned to FSU College of Medicine for my medical education. I had the opportunity to learn from patients, nurses, and doctors in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Daytona Beach, FL. It was through these relationships that I fell in love with Internal Medicine: a specialty focused on teamwork to provide each patient with the medical care they deserve. My specific interests within medicine include patient populations considered under-served/ under-insured such as racial minorities and the LGBTQ+ community, addiction medicine, behavioral health, and legislative advocacy for public health.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy hobbies that are a bit on the nerdy side including ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and video games. You can also find me in the gym, playing a match of tennis, or playing fetch with our fur-baby, Chief. Bailey and I are looking forward to seeing all of the trails, music, vineyards, and museums that Asheville has to offer!

photo Shayne Greenberg, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Originally from Canada, I’ve travelled far and wide to finally land in the mountains of Asheville. I grew up in suburban Toronto and studied physiology at the University of Western Ontario. I continued my studies in graduate school at the University of Toronto, where I published work on chemotherapy resistance in acute myeloid leukemia.

I left the snow for the desert to study medicine at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. This was a global health-focused MD program that attracted students from around the world. I enjoyed a diversity of clinical experiences in participating in the management of patients in Israel, Canada, America, and Nepal. I have a deep appreciation for the delivery of medicine that is personalized to cultural context but firmly grounded in evidence-based study.

I’m thrilled to now continue my career at MAHEC Internal Medicine, where I can train under national experts in medical education and serve the community of Western North Carolina. I’m ready to build this program from the start and join my fellow residents in becoming leaders in internal medicine.

photo Kristen Hancock, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

photo Courtney Kohne, MD, MBA
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hi! My name is Courtney Kohne, I am a now a first year IM resident at MAHEC. I was born in Loma Linda, California, but grew up in East Tennessee from the age of 3-22 during which time I attended East Tennessee State University from 2012-2016. At this point I made the big move back across the country to Loma Linda, California to attend medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM). During my second year of medical school I met my future husband a fellow medical student, Ben Caputo, who was a class below me. We married in 2019, and in order to couples match with my husband I decided to pursue a combined MD, MBA through LLUSM’s affiliated institution La Sierra School of business from 2019-2020. Ben and I couples matched into General surgery and Internal Medicine respectively at MAHEC and are both looking forward to starting this new chapter of our lives together in Asheville, NC!

photo Taelor Lee, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello! My name is Taelor Lee, and I am so happy to be joining MAHEC Internal Medicine! I’ve always loved the area surrounding Asheville and greater Appalachia. Participating in Teach for America in Eastern Kentucky and attending medical school at the University of Louisville really gave me a sense of investment into the region. I became an adult here. I met my life partner here. I would love to give back by practicing here.

Initially in medical school, I was drawn to the humanism of psychiatry, where I first applied. However, my heart shifted as an M4 as I discovered the exact type of humanism that I craved in palliative care. I eventually found myself in a PGY-1 preliminary IM year at the Albany Medical Center, with new career goals in rural medicine along with palliative care.  

MAHEC stood out while I was applying due to multiple reasons. It was the perfect fit training environment for my initial career goals in rural and critical access inpatient medicine. MAHEC’s focus on inpatient care, critical care, procedures, emergency medicine, and outpatient management was exactly what I was looking for. On match day, I was so happy when I matched at my #1 rank!

I can’t wait to spend the next three years training in this amazing place with my new, wonderful cohort.

photo Evelyn Murray, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hey everyone! My name is Evelyn Murray, and I am so excited to be joining the MAHEC family with the inaugural Internal Medicine class. I was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia and grew up spending many weekends hiking the mountains and exploring the mountain towns of Northeast Georgia and Western North Carolina. Nothing makes my heart happier, and I can’t wait to return to the area!

I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008 after high school to attend Georgia Tech where I obtained my B.S. in Computational Media. I grew up surrounded by family members in various medical careers, and I always considered pursuing medicine. My course shifted during college after participating in several different extracurricular activities, and I became fascinated with business. My first job out of college was with Waste Management as an IT Business Analyst in Houston, Texas. While I greatly appreciated my time with Waste Management, I never felt quite fulfilled. After a year, I resigned and began working as a scribe in my hometown hospital’s emergency department and immediately knew that I wanted to become a physician. I attended a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program at Agnes Scott College and attended medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn, Alabama. During my clerkship years, I fell in love with internal medicine. I love the wide variety of pathologies seen in internal medicine. I love the vast opportunities that internal medicine offers. And mostly, I love the patients.

When I interviewed with MAHEC, I immediately fell in love. I was so impressed with the friendly and positive faculty and staff and the strong female leadership. I admired the program’s dedication to education and wellness. I can’t wait to start this next chapter of my life! Outside of medicine, I am a proud dog mom to my eight-year-old black lab mix, Buddy. We love to walk, hike, explore all the outdoors, and enjoy finding a good patio to hang out on. I also enjoy being with my friends and family, cooking, baking, and exercising.

photo Dom Putala, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hello everyone! My name is Dominic Putala and I’m extremely excited to be part of the first group of Internal Medicine residents at MAHEC. I am originally from Green Bay, WI and grew always playing sports, especially baseball and hockey. I received my undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in Biology and Physics with a biomedical concentration. My original plan was to go into biomedical engineering; however, I had a change of heart after volunteering at the hospital, and knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

I was accepted to Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Buies Creek, NC and first moved to North Carolina in 2017. In between my first and second year of medical school, I was lucky enough to vacation in Asheville, NC. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the city, the delicious eats, picturesque outdoors,  and everything the city has to offer. My wife and I knew that it would be somewhere that we would eventually want to return. We both are beyond excited to start this next chapter of our lives in Asheville at MAHEC.

Away from the hospital, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors - hiking, fishing, and playing sports. I also like to wind down by reading or watching movies, working out and attempting to not burn new recipes on the grill.

photo Shane Sterling, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hey everyone! My name is Shane Sterling and I am very excited to join the MAHEC Internal Medicine program in Asheville! I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and stayed in the state to complete my undergraduate and medical degrees at Florida State University. After spending 26 years of my life in Florida, I knew it was time for a change. I traveled to Asheville and fell in love with the beautiful scenary and all the amazing breweries in the area. It was time to leave the heat and start a new chapter of my life in the mountains.

My main interests in medicine include Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine. I have a passion for helping others improve their health through nutrition, physical activity and overall wellness.

Outside of medicine, I love playing sports, running, and lifting weights. In my free time I also enjoy exploring different breweries with my girlfriend and our dog Beckham.

I know that MAHEC will be perfect to achieve all of my goals, inside and outside of medicine, and I am excited to join the first class of Internal Medicine Residents.

photo Zach Taylor, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

My name is Zach, and I lived most of my life in the great state of Kentucky. I left for a short stent to obtain my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Taylor University in Upland, IN. After college, I moved back to Kentucky and worked as a phlebotomist and laboratory technician at Cardinal Hill Hospital in Lexington, and then as a research assistant at the University of Kentucky ENT department, focusing largely on research involving hearing healthcare disparities in rural areas of Kentucky.  My background in psychology and this early exposure to working and establishing connections with people showed me that medicine and striving to help and heal others is my calling in life.  I attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine for my medical training where I discovered that internal medicine combines my fascination with physiology, knack for problem solving, and joy of living alongside people through both the ups and the downs.

Outside of medicine, I am a nerd at heart.  I enjoy anything Sci-fi or fantasy, including books, movies, games, and anything else I can get.  I also love the great outdoors with activities like rock climbing (specifically bouldering), hiking, camping, and most sports.  However, music is a true passion in my life.  I have been playing and listening to music, be it piano, drums, singing, or anything else that makes noise, since a very young age.

Asheville seems like it was cater-made for me.  I am excited to be here and look forward to learning and growing with you all together…as long as there is good coffee along the way!

photo Kimberly Telford, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hey everyone! My name is Kimberly Telford, and I am so excited to join the inaugural Internal Medicine Residency class at MAHEC!

I am from Southwest Florida originally. There I worked in a prison as a correctional officer before returning to college at 26 years old. I completed an AA and ASN at Florida Southwestern State College while working as a CNA on the weekends. When I graduated from there, I transferred to University of Florida for my BS in psychology. I lived in Gainesville while at UF, and worked in Ocala as an RN on the weekends. After graduation, I moved to Fort Lauderdale to attend medical school at Nova Southeastern University. I then moved again to Clearwater for my core rotations of 3rd and 4th year.

I chose MAHEC’s Internal Medicine Residency program because it was designed in such a thoughtful and intentional manner. It had everything I imagined plus everything I didn’t even know to think of! Being interested in primary care, I wanted a program with strong ambulatory training and a comprehensive multi-disciplinary continuity clinic. I also wanted broad inpatient exposure, opportunities to work with underserved populations, relationships with residents in other specialties, medical students, and a supportive program environment and leadership.

In addition to Internal Medicine, I’m passionate about travelling, game night, movies, college football (Go Gators!), any live sports, bike riding, being in the water, and spending time with my husband and our puppies.

In Asheville, I hope to live a more active lifestyle, enjoy great vegetarian food, experience all four seasons, and immerse myself in the culture of a charming southern city. I think my husband and our two puppies will love it there too. I can’t wait for all the adventures of residency and life in Asheville over the next three years!

photo Tyler Wenger, MD
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Hey friends! My name is Tyler Wenger and I’m thrilled to be joining the MAHEC Internal Medicine team!

I grew up in Nashville, TN and went to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA for my undergraduate degree. At W&L, I studied neuroscience, sang with the University Singers (where I met my best friend/fiancée), and found home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I then returned to Tennessee for medical school while staying in the mountains at ETSU Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City. Through the guidance and example of the internists and sub-specialists at Quillen, my love for internal medicine snowballed. I am passionate about the patient-centered approach to medicine, mental health and well-being of medical professionals, and becoming a clinician-educator. I feel blessed to have found a program and faculty that encourages and shares these goals – especially in a city as great as Asheville.

Between rounds, you’ll likely find me walking my aussie-doodle puppy named Chessie, doing trivia, playing guitar on my porch, or playing board games with my fiancée and anyone else I can get to join.

photo Jared Wilson, DO
Phone: 828-771-3500
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Resident PGY2

Resident PGY3


photo Stephanie Call, MD, MSPH
Internal Medicine Residency Program Director
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Medical School: University of Maryland at Baltimore

Internship: Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Chief Resident: Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Fellowship: General Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Past faculty appointments: University of Alabama at Birmingham (Associate Program Director) University of Louisville (Associate Program Director) Virginia Commonwealth University (Program Director, Associate Chair)

Dr. Stephanie Call was recruited to start the Internal Medicine Training Program at MAHEC in the fall of 2019.  Dr. Call is a nationally recognized educator, recently receiving the national Associate of Program Directors in Internal Medicine Distinguished Medical Educator Award.  She was also a recipient of the Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award - one of the highest honors bestowed by the ACGME.  She is recurrently recognized by her learners and institutions, having received numerous teaching awards from each of the medical universities with which she was affiliated, including a recent University-wide Distinguished Teacher Award and an award recognizing her leadership in graduate medical education.  Dr. Call was also recognized as Working Mother of the Year in 2012 for demonstrating that you don’t have to choose between a fulfilling career and a wonderful personal life (And her three daughters, Alex, Katie and Emma, agree!).

Dr. Call is a trained facilitator in the Stanford Clinical Teaching Framework and has significant expertise in faculty development in clinical teaching and assessment, including running teaching workshops as far as Qatar and Brazil.  She is also trained in several innovative teaching methods and has led studies in enhancing learner engagement at both the GME and UME levels.  She has recently spoken nationally and internationally on milestones, education updates, evaluation and feedback, innovative curriculum design, wellness and resilience, reflection and other subjects.  Her favorite teaching topics are bedside physical examination, evidence-based medicine, diagnostic reasoning and resilience/reflection.

Serving on committees with AAIM, APDIM, ACP, Dr. Call was a founding member of the National Program Directors Survey Committee and completed a four-year term on the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine Council. She served as a member of the writing tasks force for the development of the AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency Project and for the ACGME Milestones 2.0 project.

I truly believe that things happen for a reason. I am passionate about what I do. I love teaching, I love serving people, and I love working with others to develop innovative approaches to clinical care and clinical teaching. I also love the mountains and the region of Western North Carolina where I have had a home for over 10years. As I was working to determine my ‘next steps’ in my career, serendipity stepped in and presented a unique opportunity for me in joining MAHEC to build this program. At risk of sounding like a cliché, it was a bit ‘magical’. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity.

I could not be more excited to partner with the MAHEC organization, the community, the talented faculty members, and the trainees in creating a unique program designed to train well-rounded internists that are focused on serving their community as physicians, leaders and teachers.

I have been hiking, kayaking and traveling in Western North Carolina for years. I am excited to make Asheville my true home base for travel and adventure. When I am not here, you can find me traveling with my husband and my three girls … we will usually be in a National Park or overseas!

photo Nancy Kubiak, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine Faculty, Medical Director & Associate Residency Program Director
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University

Medical School: Baylor University, College of Medicine

Internship: Internal Medicine, Primary Care, University of Colorado

Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Mississippi

Chief Resident: Internal Medicine, University of Mississippi

Past faculty appointments: University of Louisville (Associate Program Director, Medical Director)

Dr. Nancy Kubiak has a long history of involvement in graduate medical education in Internal Medicine, having served as an Associate Program Director and as the director of an Internal Medicine Resident and Fellow Outpatient Practice.  She has been repeatedly recognized for teaching excellence by her past institutions and trainees, and led curricular innovations in both primary care and in the foundations of quality improvement. She is joining MAHEC as an experienced educator, associate program director and medical clinical director.

It seems like my whole life has been preparing me for this opportunity to come to Asheville and work with our new internal medicine residency. I have always loved outpatient medicine and resident education. I am excited to use my experience to create a great outpatient practice for learning and patient care in a way that prepares residents to become excellent, well rounded internists.  

I love learning alongside residents and other professionals and working in teams to create opportunities to learn internal medicine, quality improvement, and patient care that improve outcomes in learners and in patients. One of the reasons I chose to come to MAHEC was the singular focus on their mission. Everyone focuses on preparing the next generation of excellent physicians to provide exceptional primary care to every individual, no matter what his or her circumstances may be. My career has been spent working to improve care of the underserved. I was thrilled to find a vibrant, thoughtful, and excellent organization that shared those goals, and honored that they chose to hire me for this position.

My husband, Alan and I are proud of our sons Mark and Scott and look forward to exploring Western North Carolina. We love traveling and our high energy dogs, Lola and Jake. We are excited to join and invest in the Asheville community and experience all the great outdoor and cultural events the area has to offer.

photo Caroline Mueller, MD, M.Ed, FACP, FAAP
Internal Medicine Residency Program Associate Director
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: University of Illinois

Medical School: University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine

Residency: Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Master's Degree in Education: University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Past faculty appointments: Professor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati Program Director of the Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program in Cincinnati Program Director of the Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program in Cincinnati

For 30 years Dr. Caroline Mueller has been a primary care physician, and her goal was nurturing residents in their knowledge, skills, and relationships with patients over their years of training in both the ambulatory and inpatient settings. She was the first resident to train as a med-peds resident at the program in Cincinnati, so she knows what is involved to be a resident who is blazing trails. She was the Program Director for the Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency for many years, during which time the residency became one of the most successful in the country, but it was the opportunity to provide a challenging yet secure training environment that motivated her most. To be able to say "I have your back" to young physicians who are pushing themselves to be their best is a great honor. Other roles included ward team attending, student clinic attending, and humanism in medicine preceptor.

The Internal Medicine Residency at MAHEC is an amazing opportunity for all of us!  It is rare to have the chance to build something that will last for generations to come, and impact thousands of lives for the better. MAHEC is an ideal place for this to happen as they have created quite a few training programs, and all of them have been very successful. Their approach is inclusive, caring, dedicated and open. These are people who deeply care for their community and the patients they serve. It is an honor to be able to join them in the endeavor.

Outside of work, I love all things natural including wild spaces, gardens, plants, mountains, streams. I enjoy hiking, running, kayaking, biking and my dogs.

photo Anna Dill, MD, MPH
Faculty Physician (Outpatient)
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: North Carolina State University

Medical School: George Washington University School of Medicine

Master’s in Public Health: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Residency: Internal Medicine- Primary Care, Yale University

Originally from Western North Carolina, Dr. Dill completed her medical training at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT, after she completed her M.D. at George Washington University. She is interested in medical humanities, community care in under-resourced areas, and issues in rural health. She worked as a hospitalist and primary care provider in rural Central New York prior to joining MAHEC IM. Dr. Dill is passionate about a humanistic approach to care and pursues team-based approaches to provide the best possible patient care.

photo Taylor Fie, MD, MPH
Internal Medicine Faculty Physician
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

I was born and raised just one county over in Clyde, so moving back to Western North Carolina was in a literal sense “coming home.” In my time at MAHEC, I’ve immensely enjoyed meeting new patients, working with our fantastic group of residents, and soaking up some of the clinical wisdom and mentorship coming from my colleagues who have years of practice and experience. Primary care is my passion—being the first person patients come to, having the opportunity to advocate for them, and helping them navigate our complex medical system is challenging but so incredibly rewarding.

In the clinic, I see patients with medical students and residents and co-manage MAHEC’s Post-Acute COVID Clinic with an excellent team of nursing staff and with assistance from Behavioral Health, Peer Support, and Social Work. Through collaborative team efforts such as this, the process of getting patients the help they need is easy and efficient. Within the realm of doctoring, my interests lie in improving health disparities in rural communities and training future doctors to thrive in caring for underserved populations. Outside of medicine, I love to travel and can’t wait to one day start traveling the world again (post-COVID). For now, I’m sticking to trips with friends within the U.S. and of course, hiking as many trails as I can find in Western North Carolina.

photo Josh Baru, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Palliative Care

Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Undergraduate: Amherst College

Medical School: NYU School of Medicine

Residency: University of Chicago Hospital

Fellowship: Ethics Fellowship, MacLean Center for Medical Ethics, University of Chicago

Current Faculty Appointments: MAHEC Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship Director 

The best things about working at Mission Hospital are the staff and the patients. The physicians at Mission Hospital are incredibly intelligent, invariably hailing from many of the best training programs in the country, but laid back.  They are compassionate and patient centered.  They are able to balance their work and their lives outside of work, approaching both with equal passion. The variety among the patient's life experiences is also unique and fascinating.  Some patients come from the far flung hollers of the Appalachian Mountains while others are CEOs who have retired to Asheville.  The variety in their life experiences and backgrounds, not to mention the complexity of their medical problems, makes for endlessly interesting work.

Residents make us better doctors.  Their curiosity forces us to question our assumptions.  Their energy inspires us. Residents improve the care of our patients.  Their intelligence helps make diagnoses.  Their creativity helps solve problems.  Their compassion helps our patients feel better and live healthier lives. Working with residents makes me feel more engaged and excited.  It motivates me to continue to grow. 

Living in Asheville is wonderful! I love the beauty— turning a corner and seeing clouds hanging over our wise old mountains, mist rising off the lake.  I love meeting friends at a brewery with our kids— dropping a picnic blanket and letting the kids run around as we hang out.  I love the food.  I love the fact that we can be on a world class bike trail in 20 minutes.  I especially love the people who are interesting, engaging and friendly.  

photo Rebecca Bernstein, MD
Internal Medicine Faculty, Continuing Professional Development Medical Director
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171

Undergraduate: Indiana University

Medical School: New York Medical College

Residency: Montefiore Medical Center, Primary Care and Social Medicine

Dr. Rebecca Bernstein has worked in WNC as an internal medicine hospitalist for the past 12 years. She has taught MAHEC family medicine residents on the inpatient teaching service. She served as medical director of the inpatient diabetes program creating a unique team of providers caring for patients with inpatient hyperglycemia and diabetes.  She also served at chairperson of the Mission Health Diversity Committee, educating healthcare workers on implicit bias and identifying local healthcare disparities.

Over the past 12 years, I have had the chance to work with MAHEC by teaching residents, speaking at conferences, and advising the interns of the Minority Medical Mentorship Program. MAHEC’s philosophy on education and community involvement is outstanding. Their commitment to racial health disparities is an important part of healthcare. I look forward to being an active part of closing the gap in health outcomes for our most vulnerable populations as well as helping future generations understand that racial equity is a key part of our community’s health.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to teach internal medicine residents in MAHEC’s new residency. Acting as teaching faculty not only contributes to the future of medicine but will make me a better clinician. I welcome the challenge to build a successful internal medicine residency that will serve WNC for years to come.

I am a big fan of hobbies when I have the time. I play a couple of string instruments including the bass guitar and banjo. I love to bake, make kombucha, sew and garden. I live with my son, dog and two small tiger kitties. We enjoy biking, sailing, camping, and just sitting around a firepit with friends and family.

photo Carissa Lau, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Geriatrics
Phone: 828-771-3500 Fax: 828-412-4171
MAHEC Internal Medicine
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: Walla Walla University

Medical School: Loma Linda University

Internal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Geriatrics, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

After residency, Dr. Lau subspecialized in geriatrics. Her interests include whole-person care, complex medical-psychosocial situations, care transitions, and collaborative interprofessional care. She is excited to be living her dream of being an educator and enjoys the mutual learning that comes with working with resident physicians. Having learners on the team pushes every person to be intentional in their choices and interactions, and patient care is better for it. When not at work, you can find her making new (vegetarian) recipes in the kitchen or hiking to favorite picnic spots on the Blue Ridge with her husband.

photo Mark Hellreich, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Asheville Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates, P.A.
30 Choctaw Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Undergraduate: Hamilton College

Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Residency: Emory University, Internal Medicine  

Fellowship: Duke University, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Faculty appointments: University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Asheville Regional Campus

I have practiced in Asheville since completing my fellowship training in 1987. Since I became the 4th member of my group, we have grown to 22 physicians, in addition to 8 advanced practitioners! My time is spent fairly evenly divided between the practice of outpatient pulmonary and sleep medicine, inpatient pulmonary medicine, and critical care medicine. Several of our group members participate in the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Panel/Clinic, and perform advanced pulmonary procedures, including Navigational and Endobronchial Ultrasound Guided Bronchoscopy. 

I have very much enjoyed being the Critical Care Selective Site Director for the 4th year medical students at the Asheville Regional Campus of the UNC School of Medicine. These students have all spent their first 2 years of medical school in Chapel Hill, and elected to spend their last 2 years here in Asheville. I look forward to helping to structure a robust teaching service, integrating medical students with our incoming house staff. 

Between residency and fellowship, I was the trip doctor on a one month trekking and white water expedition in Nepal, and then worked for several months as a volunteer doctor in India. My greatest blessings in this life are my family and friends, my ability to help many people less fortunate than myself, and my time traveling and being outdoors. 

photo Calvin Bard, MD
Core Faculty, Hospitalist MAHEC Inpatient Service

Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Undergraduate: University of Texas - Austin

Medical School: University of Texas - Southwestern

Internship & Residency: Baylor University Medical Center - Internal Medicine

Past Faculty Appointments: Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Program Director of Internal Medicine, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine Program Director Internal Medicine Residency, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine.

I have been a full time hospitalist for 3 years. Before that I was a hybrid teaching hospitalist and outpatient internist for over 20 years. I was trained with the mantra "Do one, see one, teach one" and firmly believe teaching makes one a better clinician and am looking forward to having IM residents at Mission Hospital!

I enjoy camping and hiking with my wife and dogs, mountain biking (when I get a bike!) cooking, reading, seeing friends, gardening, and keeping up with our adult children who live/work in Boston, Nashville, and Atlanta.


photo Rhoda Brosnan, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Cardiology

Asheville Cardiology
5 Vanderbilt Park Drive
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: University of Virginia

Medical School: Med University of South Carolina

Internship: University of Texas Southwestern

Residency: University of Texas Southwestern

Chief Residency: University of Texas Southwestern

Fellowship: Duke University, Cardiology

Faculty Appointments: University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Cardiology exposure during Internal Medicine training is critically important.  Asheville Cardiology Associates is a large subspecialty practice that provides the only tertiary Cardiology care for a large portion of Western North Carolina.  We see an incredible array of pathology and are fortunate enough to have access to advanced imaging and procedural technology to care for them locally. We have always tried to maintain an academic feel to our practice. Case Presentations and Cardiology Grand Rounds occur every Tuesday and we have an active Research program in addition to our busy practice.  My partners come from training programs all over the country to practice at ACA and in the Mountains of Western NC. IM training has been a missing piece.  We are excited to add that to our model and look forward to having Interns and Residents on Rounds and in Conference.

photo Stephanie Erway, MD
Core Faculty, Hospitalist MAHEC Inpatient Service

Undergraduate: Penn State

Medical School: Temple University

Residency: Medical University of South Carolina

Experience: I have been a hospitalist since finishing residency in 2012. I have been involved to some degree with resident education since then. I've always enjoyed working with residents and I feel that it is a mutually beneficial experience. I often learn as much from my residents as I teach them! I feel motivated to be my best and to stay up to date on the latest evidence based medicine when I am working with learners. 

My passions include patient education and patient safety, especially when it comes to the discharge process/transitions in care.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my husband and two young children. We love all that Asheville and the surrounding area has to offer. We enjoy music and arts festivals, going to our favorite breweries and restaurants, hiking and swimming in forest streams!  

photo Jacqueline Halladay, MD, MPH
Faculty, Research and Scholarship

Mountain Area Health Education Center
121 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: Virginia Tech

Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Internship: Internal Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Residency: Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Fellowship/MPH: Preventive Medicine, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill/Gilling’s School of Global Public Health, and Senior Research Fellow, The Cecil G Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Past and Current Faculty Appointments: University of Rochester School of Medicine, and Dentistry
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Dr. Halladay is the Research Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), Co-Director of the North Carolina Network Consortium statewide practice-based research network (www.ncnc.unc.edu), Senior Research Fellow at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research and the Chair of Research at the UNC Health Sciences at the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC). She has led or participated the design and implementation of numerous practice and health system-level randomized and observational trials funded by the NHLBI, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and private foundation. Her research experience primarily includes using community based participatory research methods, testing implementation strategies - specifically practice facilitation activities- to enhance outcomes in patients with chronic diseases. Additionally, much of her work includes performing practice and health system-based activity-based costing analyses.

Like many in my large family, I engage in athletic and musical activities. I have hundreds of pictures of my beloved Welch Corgi on my cell phone. I love the vibe of Asheville, the friendliness of its people and their pets, and of course the views that I am privileged to see and absorb during early AM runs and PM walks. 

photo Bryan Hodge, DO
Faculty, Rural Health

Having completed a National Health Service Corps Scholarship at a Community Health Center in underserved St. Louis, I have found myself re-committing to academic teaching and serving an underserved population here with MAHEC and Blue Ridge Community Health. I was drawn to the dedication, innovation, and balance that I found in the residents and faculty at this program. My clinical passions include innovative practice models, improving health disparities by working with diverse and vulnerable patient populations, chronic disease management, and preventative medicine. This has led me to an array of experiences abroad in Honduras, Guatemala, and Kenya, as well as challenges closer to home like working with homeless diabetic patients and group visit models. Working in underserved communities with residents inspires me to create change that matters for those that need it most. I am constantly reminded how family medicine allows me the best opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive sustainable fashion as well as treat patients as whole individuals. I consider myself very fortunate and inspired to be practicing and teaching in an environment that enthusiastically shares this belief.

Out of the office, I am happily surrounded by the commotion of four young daughters, a supportive wife, and the male companionship of a shih tzu toy dog. We enjoy traveling, camping, running, hiking, and swimming as well as exploring all the joys of Western North Carolina.

photo Benjamin Hulkower, MD
Core Faculty, Hospitalist MAHEC Inpatient Service

Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Undergraduate: BS in Biology at UNC-Chapel Hill, 2004-2008

Medical School: Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, 2009-2013

Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine, Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Chief Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine, Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

In 2017, I had the privilege of moving back to Asheville with our growing family to work at Mission Hospital as a Hospitalist, where I have thoroughly enjoyed working as an attending on the hospitalist teaching service with MAHEC residents.

High-quality, evidenced-based patient care and teaching is at the center of everything we do at the Mission Hospital Medicine program and MAHEC. Internal Medicine residents training here will have a unique opportunity to learn from world-class educators at an academic center with state-of-the-art facilities yet still maintain the comfort and support typically associated with smaller community-based residency programs. I enjoy working with residents because of their eagerness to learn and willingness to put themselves out there and ask great questions. This allows me to teach core concepts of medicine that I hope will last a lifetime. Quite frequently I am challenged to refresh my own medical knowledge and to stay up-to-date with the most recent medical literature. Working with residents makes me a better and more well-rounded physician.

Asheville has an amazing combination of access to outdoor activities as well as world-class restaurants, art studios, and music venues, not to mention the opportunity to work in a nationally recognized health system. My hobbies include soccer, hiking, playing with my kids, and a great deal of dad jokes.

photo Brian Johnson, MD
Core Faculty, Hospitalist MAHEC Inpatient Service

Mission Hospital
509 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Undergraduate: Rhodes College, Memphis TN

Graduate: University of Tennessee, Memphis

Internship: Internal Medicine, University of Utah, SLC

Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Utah, SLC

Chief Resident: Internal Medicine, University of Utah, SLC

I knew I wanted to be a career Hospitalist while on my very first inpatient teaching rotation while in medical school. I have always enjoyed learning together the practice of Internal Medicine, whether it be on teaching rounds or in an interactive classroom setting. I reluctantly left that warm teaching atmosphere and came to Asheville NC in order to be closer my family, because of the strong reputation of Mission Hospital and its staff, and for the many recreational and life opportunities that WNC has to offer.

My perfect day outside of the hospital starts with a cool morning trail run to a trout-filled mountain stream and ends sharing a craft beer, food truck meal and bluegrass band with family or friends. Now I am very excited that my perfect day in the hospital will again include the wonderful opportunity to share my 10+ years of experience in Hospital Medicine with eager Internal Medicine interns and residents.

photo Suzanne Landis, MD
Faculty, Health Disparities

MAHEC Family Health Center at Biltmore
123 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Medicine Pediatric Internship, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Internal Medicine Residency, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

MPH-Epidemiology, School of Public Health, UNC-CH, CH, NC

Preventive Medicine Residency Program, Palm Beach County Health Dept, West Palm Beach, FL

Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, UNC-CH, CH, NC

Background and clinical practice:

  • Assistant professor, School of Public Health and School of Medicine, UN-CH, CH, NC
  • Tenured Professor, Department of Family Medicine, UNC-CH, CH, NC
  • Started Project Access in Asheville, NC, an organized charity care program providing free comprehensive medical care to low income uninsured people.
  • Clinical practice of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at UNC-CH, MAHEC in Asheville, NC, and at Care Partners PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) in Asheville, NC. Decades of teaching with medical students, residents, etc.
  • Program and Grants Committee, the Dogwood Health Trust, Asheville, NC

I am excited to share my passion for community health with IM residents through the development of unique experiences with the Dogwood Health Trust, a regional community health foundation focused on improving health status.

Asheville is my home now after more than 30 years. I raised my family, found great satisfaction professionally. I love to cycle, primarily road, but also mountain biking. I own 6 bikes! I also enjoy hiking, paddling, tennis, reading, and lately gardening. Baking is quite fun, especially when I can share my sticky buns on hospital rounds with residents.

photo Charles Mahan, MD
Faculty, Site Director, VA Medical Center

Charles George VA Medical Center
1100 Tunnel Road
Asheville, NC 28805

Undergraduate: Duke University

Medical School: University of South Florida

Residency: Internal Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland Oregon

Fellowship: Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Case Western/University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH

I have a wide range of medical interests. I started my career doing both laboratory and clinical research in HIV, immunology, and tuberculosis.  More recently I have focused my efforts on medical student, resident and faculty education at the VA Hospital.  I also remain involved in recruitment for multiple multi-center infectious disease research studies.  I am currently Chief of the Department of Medicine.

I am a passionate teacher. I love the practice of medicine and sharing its wonders with IM students and residents.

I try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I continue to do medical writing- I am co-author of Medical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple and author of Are You Afraid of Snakes- A doctor’s exploration of alternative medicine.  I also am an avid hiker, biker, kayaker, and family man.  I have a wife and three boys.

photo Melissa McKay, MD
Associate Program Director, Mission Hospital Inpatient

Undergraduate: Scripps College, School for International Training, Nairobi, Kenya

Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-  New Orleans

Internship: Emergency and Internal Medicine- Louisiana State University

Residency: Emergency and Internal Medicine- Louisiana State University

Chief Residency: Emergency and Internal Medicine- Louisiana State University

Past faculty appointments:
LSU Health Sciences Center
Department of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director: EM/IM Residency

I moved to Asheville with a one year old and a three year old- it was a wonderful place to relocate my family, but I missed academic medicine. I was thrilled to be invited to be a part of the teaching faculty for the MAHEC family medicine residents about a year after arriving. Since then, my weeks with the residents are truly my happiest in the hospital

I love being a part of resident growth- watching physicians grow over the years from somewhat timid interns to confident third years ready to practice independently. Knowing that I might have played a small part in that journey brings me such joy.

There is so much more to the practice of medicine than the actual science; I believe that is the easy part- it is learning how to practice the art of medicine- taking care of the entire patient, their families and understanding all of the additional facets of patient care.

I am so excited for this new adventure with MAHEC! I have been waiting for this opportunity to come to WNC since I arrived and cannot think of a better organization to partner with to help educate the next generation of internal medicine physicians.

On a personal note I have two children, Ellie and Brooks- that have loved growing up in WNC where my parents are also located. Although we love to travel at every opportunity we can- they especially love going to visit NYC to visit my grandmother. Our home is full of puppy love with our two Great Danes, Annie and Scooby. I can be found on the trails on my off days training for my next adventure.

photo Heather North, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Rheumatology

Pardee Hospital
705 B 6th Ave. West
Hendersonville, NC 28739

Residency: IM Residency at a large clinically-oriented program in Connecticut at Hartford Hospital

Fellowship: Rheumatology Fellowship at Brown University, Roger Williams Hospital with one additional year of Clinical Research

After residency, Dr. North spent 2 years in the US Air Force as an internist, and then went on for additional training in Rheumatology.  After the Air Force commitment was completed, she spent many years in private multispecialty practice on the Coast of Mississippi. Dr. North is currently in an employed position with Pardee UNC.  

Teaching residents Rheumatology is an important aspect of their training which is not readily achieved in the hospital setting.  I am glad to be able to provide exposure to rheumatology patients to enhance the physicians’ confidence in recognizing and treating people with systemic autoimmune disorders and musculoskeletal diseases.  (Who knows, maybe we’ll find a budding rheumatologist, too!)

When Dr. North is not practicing medicine, she is an avid tennis player and reader, enjoys western NC mountain life and loves to travel.

photo Paul Rogers, MD
Faculty, Simulation Center

MAHEC Simulation Center
119 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

Medical School: University of Arkansas School of Medicine

Residency: University of Virginia Internal Medicine Residency

Fellowship: National Institutes of Health Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Past Faculty Appointments: Vice Chair of Education Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Program Director for Internal Medicine Critical Care University of Pittsburgh, Director of Medical Student Education Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Critical Care Faculty Member, and Director of the SICU at VA Pittsburgh

Dr. Rogers is the Medical Director of MAHEC’s Simulation Center. MAHEC has a world class Simulation Center with state-of-the-art equipment that gives learners an opportunity to acquire complex skills and practice management of complex problems in a safe environment so that they are better prepared to manage patients in the real world.

I am very glad to be a faculty member and work in such a remarkable institution.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, reading, hiking and gardening.

photo Matthew Volk, MD
Specialty Core Faculty, Nephrology

Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates, PA
10 McDowell Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Medical School:  Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Residency: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Nephrology Fellowship: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Volk has been a part of Mountain Kidney and Hypertension since 2012.  He sees patients in clinic, at several outpatient dialysis facilities, and at the hospital.  He is presently the medical director of the Mission Hospital inpatient dialysis unit.  He has particular interest in management of hyponatremia.

Dr. Volk has always had an interest in teaching, and is excited to be a part of this residency program.  He firmly believes that the best way to understand most illnesses requiring hospitalization is from the viewpoint of the kidneys.  A sound education in this area is critical to any training program.

Away from work, Dr. Volk loves to spend time with his family, run in the beautiful neighborhoods of North Asheville, and make tasty desserts.

photo James Whitehouse, MD, MHS
Specialty Core Faculty, Infectious Diseases

Mission Infectious Disease Associates
900 Hendersonville Road Suite 205
Asheville, NC 28803

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine

Internship: Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

Residency: Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

Assistant Chief Resident: Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

Fellowship: Infectious Disease and International Health, Duke University Medical Center

Although I was born in Madrid, Spain and raised in the South Pacific (Kwajalein, Marshall Island), I am a long term resident of North Carolina who has been fortunate to call Asheville home since 1999.   Mission ID has provided me the perfect practice opportunity with a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient infectious diseases as well as the continuity of HIV care and the excitement of Travel and Tropical medicine.  

Our practice has a long relationship with MAHEC through teaching residents on ID rotations as well as speaking regular at conferences.  I am excited to be part of new MAHEC IM residency and helping to prepare the next generation of excellent physicians.  MAHEC, Mission, Asheville and WNC provide an ideal medical environment and community for training as well as the perfect city and mountains to live in.

Infectious diseases and Infection Prevention are two of my great passions.  However, I love to make ample time for golfing, landscaping, hiking, driving down back of scenic country roads and listening to books and podcasts.  Asheville has been the ideal place to raise 2 boys who equally cherish the sunrises over Looking Glass Rock, the Peregrine falcons at Devils Courthouse and the sunsets at Craggy Gardens.