Internal Medicine


We are excited that you are looking at our new MAHEC Internal Medicine Residency Program as a potential site for your future training. 

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) has a long history of excellence in graduate medical education training and we are thrilled to join their family of residency programs. We will build on the longstanding successes by working with the MAHEC organization, our talented faculty, our engaged community and our residents to build one of the most unique internal medicine training programs in the nation. Our goal is to train the well-rounded internist in a supportive yet challenging environment in which one develops not only as a physician but as a leader and teacher in our community.

Our very experienced leadership team consists of physician educators with track records in medical education innovation. Our forward-thinking curriculum balances optimal training in the largest Area Health Education Center in North Carolina with training in a busy, tertiary care, state-of-the-art hospital system. In these and other settings we are able to emphasize training in the delivery of rural care, the reduction of health disparities, the care of the older patient, community-based care and the care of special populations such as patients with substance use disorders. We also provide training experiences in all specialties of internal medicine through our fantastic partnership with Mission Hospital, where our residents will care for patients on medicine services, ICUs, cardiology services, specialty consultation services and in the emergency department. Unique rural-based rotations, public health opportunities, and scholarship experiences provide additional learner-centered, mission-focused training experiences. These skills are practiced and reinforced in our core seminars, which take place in our large, state-of-the-art simulation center in our weekly academic half day.

One of the core values of our program is service to community. We are committed to responding to the needs of our community and the region in which we live. Residents and faculty teach and learn together in a collaborative learning community, all with the aim of providing improved care of the population we serve. The curriculum includes experiences that put you in the heart of the communities of Western North Carolina as well as opportunities to play a role in the reduction of health care disparities in the region. We expect our trainees to lead and teach in our community.

We created a program that will challenge you to become your best self as an internist over three years of training. We also focused on creating a supportive environment that fosters your development and allows flexibility so that you succeed in your personal and professional goals.  The schedules and curricula are designed to provide you with the training that you need AND to ensure that you have time to focus on your wellbeing and your personal interests. We incorporated specific resilience training, reflection opportunities, and wellbeing experiences. You are a valued colleague; we will grow together as we learn how to balance professional commitment and personal growth. 

It’s an honor that you are considering training with us, and we’re excited to meet you. Come and explore the education we offer, the values we share, and how we can help you develop into the physician leader of the future.


Stephanie Ann Call, MD, MSPH
Program Director
Department of Internal Medicine


MAHEC is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive place to work, learn, and receive care. We actively recruit physicians, staff, and students from underrepresented minorities, and we strive to implement policies and procedures that value and support diverse backgrounds and experiences. MAHEC does not discriminate on the basis of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, spiritual practice, geography, disability, or age.

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