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Dear Student Colleague:

The next step beyond the completion of medical school for some is more than a job and much more akin to a calling.   It becomes the actual transformation of the words in a personal statement to the life-long journey to make a difference in the lives of those within a community.

In a small town, you can make a big impact.
Our program has unique features and is specifically designed to train full-scope family doctors to serve in rural and underserved settings.  From your first day you are treated as an integral member of the team.  Your training will allow you to experience a large breadth of knowledge, procedural skills, and ultimately life as a family doctor while you take care of patients in the delivery room, intensive care unit, nursing homes, and home visits.  Clinical opportunities are longitudinal to emphasize the continuity of care across settings as well as the relationships with the people we help find health and wellness.  As a smaller program in a small town, leadership and influence takes many forms including community outreach, school-based health, hospital committees, and serving the most vulnerable patients including migrant and homeless health clinics. Your teachers consist of experienced family doctors and other health professionals who share the desire to make a difference.

Innovation that matters.
As one of the original 14 programs in the nation to participate in the P4 (Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice) project, we have a long history as a progressive and innovative program. Most recently, we have joined the ranks of Teaching Health Centers, who provide comprehensive outpatient training in Federally Qualified Community Health Centers (FQHCs). Our partnership with Blue Ridge Community Health, one of the oldest Migrant Health and Community Health Centers in the country, provides an outstanding experience for training residents in community-based care for underserved populations.  Not only does training in this environment enrich a resident’s experience and eventual skill-set, but it effects the community immediately and directly.

Learning skills for a lifetime of community service.
As a true community-based program, we are committed to responding to the needs of our neighborhood, town and the region in which we live.  Our more intimate learning environment emphasizes experiential learning, innovative modules, and comprehensive procedural opportunities.  Residents and faculty alike share a commitment to teach and learn together, all with the aim of providing improved care.  This is a program that allows for a wide range of enriching clinical experiences in a personalized setting.  By maximizing flexibility in styles for adult learners residents develop into their best potential while attaining well-rounded skills applicable to any practice setting.

The importance of personal and professional wellness.
The strains on the day-to-day life of today’s physician extend well beyond the exam room.  The ability to establish healthy habits and support during your training is pivotal to our future success.  We encourage a work environment, schedule, and personal support network that nurtures you as a valued colleague during this phase of your development. Furthermore, we provide enough flexibility to optimize your experiences that add both personal and professional value to your individual focus and goals.  We believe strongly that the best family doctors are those who have whole lives, and learn how to balance professional commitment and personal growth early in their careers.

Come and visit our program and our community.  You’ll discover a group of dedicated and compassionate people that share in a desire to help others and grow together.  I wish you the best of luck in the next step of your journey in medicine.

Best wishes,
Bryan Hodge, DO

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