Alumni Testimonials

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Mia Snapp, C/O 2021

MAHEC and Asheville are great places to learn and practice sports medicine because it is such an active, outdoor oriented community. You see everything from professional athletes to weekend warriors to retirees perfecting their golf game. MAHEC supports you throughout this year with options of many diverse practices and opportunities. You work together with MAHEC and the Asheville community to make the year of Sports Medicine Fellowship what you want it. 

Katie Walker, C/O 2020

What makes it a great place to practice medicine?

Supportive learning environment great coworkers great faculty and great staff in clinic

What impressed you about MAHEC when you interviewed with the program?  

People who work at mahec are generally nice and good hearted. Go the extra mile to serve and enjoy the outdoors in free time.

Josh Wu, C/O 2019

What kind of relationship do the faculty have with fellows?

It’s essentially a family environment and not just with the direct faculty at MAHEC. You develop relationships with other medical providers in the community from the doctors to nursing staff to athletic trainers and local PTs. The networking opportunities from the program are vast. The best thing is that I still stay in contact with some of these providers to continue to learn and to ensure that patients get the best care possible in this WNC region.

How did MAHEC prepare you for your current job?

The vast array of experiences and learning opportunities were greatly beneficial to allow me to treat patients of all ages and in all the different realms of sports medicine/orthopedics. MAHEC doesn’t just prepare you to treat and practice medicine on athletes, but active people of all life stages. You learn how to approach each patient with the mindset of helping them heal, providing them encouragement to recover from their injuries, or propel them to make good healthy choices for themselves. In addition, my ultrasound training from MAHEC allowed me to be proficient in using my skills to expand my practice abilities and provide new treatment/information for both patients and my other partners in the practice.


Kyle Judkins, C/O 2019

What makes the MAHEC Sports Medicine Fellowship Program so special?

I have always told people interested in learning more about the fellowship program or prospective fellows that the MAHEC  sports medicine fellowship combines academic medicine and hands-on clinical training better than many and most fellowships I have come across. Sometimes you have to give up hands-on experience when you’re at a big academic center, and often times at a small community program, there is a lack of high-quality academics and sports medicine coverage. At MAHEC there is both. There is a push to understand our clinical decision-making at a fundamental and academic level and there’s also a push to get hands on athletes. Furthermore, we do not stand behind orthopedic fellows or other attendings as they treat high-level athletes. We are pushed to the front row and are expected to learn through experience while being carefully guided by the faculty. I always felt as though I had ample opportunity to improve my procedural skills and had the time to debrief with my attendings about clinical decision-making. This is a real world fellowship training us for being real world sports medicine physicians. You can take this education and go to a D1 program and be a sports medicine provider where you’re only seeing high level athletes- or you could combine primary care and sports medicine in a private office and provide excellent care for the whole patient – MAHEC prepares you for both scenarios and all in-between. 

What kind of relationship do the faculty have with fellows?

As a fellow, I always felt 100% supported by both the core and the community faculty. They were always willing to meet me where I was and help me to get to where I wanted to go. They did not try to shape every fellow into a mold. The faculty are extremely approachable and since graduating a few years ago, I have continued to use them as references for clinical questions, general advice, and have remained friends with many of them. I have always sought mentorship at every step of my education all the way back to choosing to go to a small liberal arts college in New England for my undergraduate years. The decision to go to this fellowship was no different. I also felt as though the faculty are willing to learn from their fellows, which is a mark of a great teacher. Teaching learners how to be doctors is very difficult and now teaching learners of my own, I understand some of the unique challenges, especially with teaching procedures. It gives me a great appreciation for the teaching I received which was experiential and well-guided. 


Jonathan Mongold, C/O 2017

What makes the MAHEC Sports Medicine Fellowship Program so special?

Well balanced education, with wide variety of specialists in the area. Excellent training in ultrasound, and coverage of many sports events. Great didactics. Support for individual interests. Excellent Attendings that care about your education.