UNC Asheville Pre-Health Professions Internship

The University of North Carolina Asheville, WNC Bridge Foundation, and MAHEC's Center for Health Professions Education have collaborated to create an undergraduate internship experience for UNC Asheville students interested in pursuing a health professions degree.

The UNC Asheville-MAHEC-WNC Bridge Foundation Pre-Health Professions Internship program provides a working knowledge of and experience in a clinical practice. Students are selected and are required to complete twenty hours per week of clinical shadowing and project research.

Program Components:

  • Eight-week summer internship at six MAHEC clinical sites, which include: Family Medicine, OB/GYN Specialists, Dental, Pharmacotherapy, Cane Creek Family Medicine, and Blue Ridge Health in Hendersonville
  • Opportunities to participate in research projects from various MAHEC and community partners
  • Weekly enrichment activities at MAHEC centered around various health and professional topics
  • Potential for undergraduate interns’ continued collaboration and engagement in organizational and research projects, outreach to high school and middle school students, and other cooperative activities fostering enthusiasm and partnerships focused around rural education

For more information or to apply for an internship, please contact Amanda Greene, Program Director, by completing our Undergraduate Internships Request Form.