MedServe Fellows

Inspiring future physicians to become lifelong champions of health equity through immersive exposure in innovative primary care practices.

This fellowship connects future medical students with innovative, community-oriented primary care practices across North Carolina. MedServe Fellows are recent college graduates who have completed a pre-medical curriculum and are interested in gaining practical real-world experience before they apply to medical school.

Fellows have full-time positions and spend of half their time in clinical roles getting to know the practice and the other half in community-facing roles getting to know the local health system. Their roles are designed to meet their community's healthcare needs. Over the course of two years, fellows transform not only themselves but also their practice and community.

Program Components

  • Two-year internship in Western North Carolina working at MAHEC across various disciplines
  • Clinical work within a family medicine practice
  • Community and/or organizational project work with MAHEC and community partners


NOTE: Due to changes implemented as a result of COVID-19, we are currently prioritizing clinical shadowing experiences for students from affiliated schools and programs based on need and availability.

For more information, please visit the MedServe website, download the MedServe one pager, or contact the Office of Student Internships.