Application Process

Application Process for 4th Year Elective Rotations

Due to COVID, we are currently not accepting any students for 4th year rotations.

Our rotations are only available to students who are planning to apply to our residency programs.

Step 1:   Apply for elective using the Visiting Student Application System (VSAS)

  • Apply for elective using VSAS
  • The host institution for MAHEC is UNC Chapel Hill.
  • VSAS will open in January. 
  • The elective rotation numbers are below:
    • Acute Care Surgery Acting Internship - SURY 439
    • Critical Care Surgery - SURY 426 4
    • Acting Intern in Inpatient Family Medicine - Asheville FMME 421
    • Acting Intern in Inpatient Family Medicine - Hendersonville FMME 458
    • Asheville FHC Outpatient Experience - FMME 430
    • Combined Asheville & Hendersonville Outpatient Experience - FMME 457
    • Acting Intern in Ob/Gyn - OBGN 411 2
  • Complete application process as instructed and provide all required documents (Letter of Good Standing, Immunizations, CV, Transcript, Evaluation Form, USMLE/COMLEX Scores, Personal Statement, Photo)
  • The Visiting Student Coordinator with UNC Chapel Hill will confirm receipt of application.
  • Applications will be reviewed for consideration by program for acceptance.  Space is limited.
  • Once you have completed and submitted all required documents and you have been approved and cleared, you will receive an acceptance email by Chapel Hill and MAHEC.

Step 2: Completing Onboarding Process for MAHEC

An affiliate agreement with you school is required before you can start your rotation(s).

  • 60 days prior to the start of your rotation, submit the following:
    • MAHEC Application, Confidentiality Statement, Background Check Forms
    • Letter of Good Standing from School to including verification of BBP and HIPAA training
    • Current Flu Vaccination
    • 9 Panel Drug Test to include:  marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, PCP- phencyclidine, opiates, methadone, barbiturates, and propoxyphene
    • Current PPD
    • Current Certificate of Insurance (professional liability)
    • School Student Evaluation Form
  • Additional documents as required by Mission and Pardee Hospitals

Please note:   Students who will be working in one of our hospitals, will be required to complete a separate onboarding process with Mission Hospital and Pardee Hospital.   The onboarding process with these hospitals must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of your rotation.

Questions should be directed to Lisa Keiber at