Our Providers

Dr. Kiran Sigmon, founded the MAHEC Vulvar Clinic in 2006. She has lived with her family here in Asheville since 2000. She is devoted to making each patient feel welcomed and well cared for. She strives to find the most evidence based and holistic plan with each patient.


Aimee Feste, CNM joined the team in 2020 when our colleague Ann Brown retired. Aimee brings her many gifts to taking care of women with a wide variety of vulvar concerns.





Dr. Patricia Overcarsh is an Ob/Gyn with a special interest in chronic pelvic pain. She completed fellowship training in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery after completing her Ob/Gyn residency.


Havely Carsky, PT, DPT is a physical therapist with special training in pelvic floor rehabilitation. By affecting the musculoskeletal system, Havely can teach patients exercises and techniques to address pain and improve bladder, bowel, and sexual function.


We are a devoted teaching program for the Ob/Gyn resident physicians at MAHEC. You will likely meet some of these talented young doctors during your time being treated here.

Additional providers:

MAHEC has a pelvic floor physical therapist to assist with evaluations and hands-on treatment plans for our patients. In addition, we will soon have a sexual counselor who will provide support and resources to our patients navigating changes in their sexual health.