Welcome to the Center for Pelvic and Vulvar Health

What is Pelvic Health?

  • Pelvic health is the foundation of healthy movement, elimination, sexuality and reproduction.
  • Pelvic health is a universal right for everyone.
  • Pelvic health requires self-love and safety.
  • Pelvic health includes non-painful walking, standing, sitting, resting.
  • Pelvic health includes non-painful sex.
  • Pelvic health includes continence of bladder and bowel functions.
  • Pelvic health includes daily painless, effortless emptying of bladder and bowels.
  • Pelvic health includes painless monthly menstruation, full recovery after childbirth and comfortable transition into menopause.
  • Pelvic health includes living from and working from a place of connection to one's true source of vitality and creativity.

MAHEC Vulvar Clinic

The MAHEC Vulvar Clinic provides care to women throughout the region with vulvar skin conditions and genital pain. We aim to provide the most evidence based, compassionate care to help you understand your body and how to best approach your return to wellness.

What is the Vulva?

The vulva is the female external genital organ. It is the area bound by a fatty pad covered by hair (the mons), the groins, and the back passage (anus). It has outer lips (labia majora, covered by hair), the inner lips (labia minora, hair-free), and the vaginal opening. The tissue around the vaginal opening is called the vestibule.


Additional patient resources

Mindfulness and Medicine: Read and start practicing mindfulness for 15-minutes-a-day