For Patients

Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible in a safe, supportive, and judgement-free environment

Our ob/gyn care team, working alongside our substance use treatment providers, will meet you wherever you are in your drug use, recovery, or parenting. Our team is here to support you.

If you are pregnant, whether planned or unplanned, we know you want the best care for your child. We want that too. We also want you to have the best care possible and to know that you are worthy of it.

Compassionate, Comprehensive, and Convenient Care

Project CARACare that Advocates Respect, Resiliency, and Recovery for All—makes it easy for you to get the quality care you deserve.

If you are pregnant, we’ll take good care of you and your baby through

  • regular checkups and tests to ensure you and your baby are healthy,
  • substance use and mental health counseling,
  • treatment with medication (buprenorphine), if desired, to reduce or stop opioid craving and withdrawal symptoms,
  • support from team members who are in long-term recovery from substance use,
  • help accessing resources including housing, food, and transportation,
  • support for quitting smoking, if desired,
  • free legal consultation for bills, insurance, or other challenges, if needed, and
  • labor and delivery support in the hospital.

What To Expect on Your First Visit

Your first Project CARA visit will take a little longer to ensure can get to know you and learn what is important to you for your health. We also want to make sure you have an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Plan at least 90 minutes for this initial visit that will include a

  • full exam and review of your medical and substance use history,
  • meeting with our counselor to discuss your personal goals,
  • review of treatment options and available resources, and
  • referrals for additional services, if needed.

What To Expect with Future Visits

If you are pregnant, our team will help you schedule future visits approximately every two weeks for the rest of your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are doing well. If you are a parenting mom, we’ll schedule visits as needed to support your goals.

You will be able access multiple services at each visit, including support from other women who are in long-term recovery.

If you taking buprenorphine (Suboxone® or Subutex®) or methadone, we’ll also check in with you to ensure any symptoms or side effects are being addressed to support your comfort and ongoing recovery.

Still Have Questions About Addiction and Recovery?

If you are not sure whether you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, you are not alone.

Millions of women, including pregnant women, misuse or abuse alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal substances every year according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We know no one chooses addiction. It is a medical illness, but it is a treatable illness with support.

The following are signs that you might have a problem with alcohol or drugs:

  • You use more alcohol or drugs than you said you would
  • You have tried unsuccessfully to cut down or stop drinking or using
  • You spend a lot of time using and recovering from alcohol or drugs
  • You have given up regular activities because of your use
  • Friends and family comment about your use
  • You continue to use alcohol or drugs despite bad consequences such as
    • Having a car accident while using
    • Needing to use more to get high
    • Using while you are pregnant
    • Breaking the law to get money to buy alcohol or drugs
    • Using when it makes you late to work or school
    • Getting fired from work because of your use
    • Having unprotected sex when you use
    • Using while taking care of your children
    • Lying to family members to hide your use
    • Developing health problems related to use

Would You Like To Get Support?

If you are pregnant (or suspect you are) or parenting and think you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, please call 828-771-5500 and ask for an appointment with Project CARA our use our online referral system.

To find a support group and other helpful services, please visit our resource page.