Substance Use Treatment in Pregnancy

Project CARA: Care that Advocates Respect/Resilience/Recovery for All

Project CARA provides gender-specific, trauma-informed substance use treatment and perinatal care in one comprehensive program to ensure pregnant and parenting women can access the quality ob/gyn care and substance use treatment they deserve. Our goal is to help our patients have the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth. Project CARA serves women from all 16 WNC counties.

A routine ob/gyn visit may be the first time a woman is willing to disclose she is using substances. In fact, national research has found that 88 percent of pregnant women with substance use disorders disclosed their use disorder to their ob/gyn provider first.

When we discover a woman is struggling with an opioid or other substance use disorder, we view this as an opportunity to break the cycle of trauma and addiction and encourage healing for the whole family. We want women to understand that they are worthy of care, they are strong enough to take care of themselves and their child(ren), and that we will support them in meeting their pregnancy and parenting goals.

This may be the first time in a woman's life she has been given this nonjudgmental and hopeful message. What happens next is powerful and can transform lives for generations. 

We invite you to watch this short video interview with one of our Project CARA nurses to learn how we are changing the conversation around addiction and breaking down barriers to quality care for mothers and their children. [watch interview]

If you are pregnant or parenting and using substances or in recovery, please call 828-771-5500 and ask for an appointment with Project CARA.

If you are a provider and would like to make a referral, please call 828-255-5542 or fax your referral to

We look forward to serving you!


Project CARA Program Partners

Project CARA's comprehensive program is led by the MFM (high-risk pregnancy) division of MAHEC Ob/Gyn Specialists in partnership with the Insight Women’s Recovery Center, Mary Benson HouseJFK Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment CenterBuncombe County Health & Human ServicesVaya Health, and other community partners.