Centering Pregnancy Facilitators

Our facilitators are committed to helping you have the best pregnancy possible in an empowering and supportive community of Centering families.

Your facilitators will be with you throughout your pregnancy journey and are excited to support you as you grow your family. You'll have plenty of time to get to know each other in the coming months, but you can learn a little more in our short introductions below.

Facilitators A – G


Leonia Allen, CMA, has been working as a certified medical assistant at MAHEC since 2017. She was first introduced to Centering Pregnancy when she was a support person for her sister and attended several Centering sessions. She loves helping people and bringing smiles to their faces, something that happens a lot in our Centering groups! Leonia is a proud mama of three children ages 19, 16, and 13, and she remembers how important it was to receive lots of support during pregnancy (she still appreciates it). In her spare time, she loves shopping and eating out, and you might just run into her at TGI Fridays.


Ruth Aungst, RN, has been a nurse for 20 years and a mom for even longer to a daughter and son who are both in their early 20s. Originally from Minnesota, Ruth moved to Asheville 8 years ago and loves MAHEC’s patient-centered values. She is grateful for the opportunity to support families in having healthy pregnancies and babies and a positive experience through Centering Pregnancy. She loves to go on weekend waterfall adventures and spend time with her family, including her fiancé and chiweenie Maggie, a Chihuahua Dachshund mix.


Ann Brown, CNM, has been a certified nurse midwife at MAHEC for 24 years and has learned a lot from all the moms and babies she has had the privilege of helping deliver. Her two grown daughters have also taught her a thing or two! Ann is a lifelong learner and is usually enrolled in a class or activity like knitting or gardening. She is in the process of becoming a certified Lamaze instructor. Ann has never met a stranger and loves learning about everyone she meets, which makes her Centering groups lots of fun and very warm and personal.


Debby Chen, MD, is excited to be facilitating Centering groups. As one of MAHEC Ob/Gyn's residents, she cherishes the opportunity to foster community between women and thinks this is one of the best ways to get to know her patients in a holistic manner. When she isn't with patients, she enjoys hiking and traveling and is always looking to experience something new.


Amelia Cline, MD, loves the Centering approach to prenatal care because it allows her to talk with, learn from and share experiences with women rather than just “talking” at patients. She loves cooking, especially Southern food, and playing in the woods—but not usually at the same time (unless you consider ‘smores Southern). Amelia is also a fraternal twin and once went running with Will Farrell. His niece was on her crew team in high school.


Ashley Echevarria, CMA, knew from the time she was 5 years old that she wanted to be in the medical field. She has now been in healthcare for over 13 years and still has the same passion for caring for others. She is a mother of three girls and loves to help empower other moms to live out their dreams that sometimes include learning to Salsa dance, which she helps them do in her free time as Latin-style dance instructor.


Rongrong Fan, MD. The first thing you notice about the way Rongrong cares for her patients is her compassion. She views caring for women much like a marriage: “in sickness and in health.” Her primary goal is to provide education.  She truly enjoys breaking down barriers that prevent patients from feeling like a human being. Her two favorite movies are the Sound of Music and Princess Bride, and she loves reading fiction about girls who grow up to save the world.


Aimee Feste, CNM, has been a nurse-midwife for 15 years now, and she still gets inspired and moved by women and families becoming mothers and parents. Amy has a lot of fun in her Centering groups and believes they are wonderful ways to connect women with each other and their inner mother strength as they move through the normal and transformative experiences of pregnancy and birth. Aimee has worked in a variety of settings including supporting births in a variety of settings and has also taught nursing at AB-Tech. Originally from Hendersonville, her favorite things are her two elementary age kids, family, sunshine, eating yummy food, reading a good book, and being outside with dear friends.

Erin Gonzalez, WHNP-BC, APRN, MSN, is originally from northeast Tennessee and moved to Asheville last year after spending nine years living in Boston. She knew early during her nursing schooling that she only wanted to work in ob/gyn and has been a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for four years. She is excited to be involved in Centering because she loves the relationships and community it creates. She enjoys that Centering approaches pregnancy as a normal and healthy event in women’s lives and allows for group-led discussions. Outside of work, Erin enjoys hiking, spending time with her dog Cooper, exploring Asheville with friends and family, trying out new restaurants, and spending hours making things from her excessive collection of craft supplies.


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