Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is MAHEC's preferred model of care during your pregnancy.

While traditional prenatal care is always an option at MAHEC Ob/Gyn Specialists, we also offer Centering Pregnancy, an evidence-based model of group prenatal care recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists based on studies that show group prenatal care can improve birth outcomes, patient education, social support, and patient satisfaction - which you'll see in the testimonials below!

Centering Pregnancy reduces risks for preterm delivery, low birth weight, and cesarean section. Our group approach gives families more time with dedicated providers to explore healthy pregnancy and parenting information in a supportive environment with families at similar stages in their pregnancy journey.

We find families really enjoy the extra support they receive in our Centering Pregnancy groups, and we encourage you to give this evidence-based approach a try. You can learn more about our preferred model of care in the videos and information below:

Centering Pregnancy is a way for you to share learning and experiences with other pregnant women and to be involved in your own care. 

Centering Pregnancy includes a traditional health checkup with additional time and attention in a setting with other expectant parents. You’ll have your one-on-one healthcare checkup with your provider. Then you will join other women, who are due near the same time, for shared discussion of all things related to pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, and parenthood.

Centering Pregnancy Benefits


Better Health Outcomes

Numerous studies have shown that Centering Moms have fewer preterm deliveries and overall healthier babies. 

"Give it a chance - you really will love it!"




Moms are actively engaged in their own healthcare.

"We covered things that I never would have thought to ask or discuss."



Centering moms are better prepared for labor, delivery, and the care of their infant. Centering
moms better understand what is normal during pregnancy, and what is cause for concern.

"Centering is more personal and so much more fun than waiting rooms!"


More Time With Your Providers

Moms in Centering spend 12 times more time with their providers than women in traditional care. 

"I loved the ability to talk more extensively with the professionals we were given access to." 


Support and Friendship

Women enjoy being with other women, and their support people, who are going through a similar experience. This gives them an opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from one another and the wisdom of the group. Centering parents create lasting friendships. 

"I felt extra supported sharing the experience with other pregnant women and the wonderful MAHEC staff."

Learning and FUN

The most common word used to describe Centering is FUN! In Centering, you are actively engaged and involved in a discussion with your peers, rather than being lectured to or given a pamphlet. Healthy, delicious snacks, interactive activities, and music are a part of every session.

"Best two hours of my day! I'm going to miss my group so much."




Interested in learning more?

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Educational Videos:
Nausea Nutrition Constipation


If you'd like to learn more about Centering Parenting (offered at the MAHEC Family Health Center), click here!