Centering Parenting

Centering Parenting is MAHEC's preferred model of care during your child's first year of life.

Centering Parenting brings 6-8 moms, partners, support people, and their same-age infants together in community with their healthcare providers and other parents who are experiencing similar things at the same time. 

Centering Parenting fosters a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and creates lifelong bonds between families. 

Centering Parenting Benefits


Data has shown that Centering families have
better attendance for their well-child visits.
Better attendance leads to higher immunization
rates, extended breastfeeding, and additional opportunities to screen for maternal mental health.

"Centering Parenting has lasting benefits
for the baby, parents and family."



All of the activities, discussions, and patient
materials in group reinforce healthy choices for
the entire family. 

"These sessions not only focus on
my child's health and well-being but
my whole family's as well!"


Members of the group feel welcomed, respected,
and listened to - giving them greater confidence
in their parenting skills.

"I love coming to my Centering group.
I always feel welcome and supported by
the other mommies and facilitators."


Additional time with a provider creates an
opportunity to screen for developmental
milestones and mental health concerns, leading
to earlier intervention and referrals.

"We have more time with the provider
and no time in the waiting room!" 


Centering Parenting groups foster healthy
family relationships, lasting friendships, and
community connections.

"It makes us feel like we are not alone.
A lot of times we think, 'I'm the only one going through this,' but then you get to group, and
you realize, 'Oh, I'm not the only one!'"


Sharing questions and experiences, the members
of the group learn and grow with each other and
the facilitation team. 

"I always learn something new. They make
every session so much fun and interactive
with group discussions and activities.
They even have special guests come in."

"My favorite session has to be when they demonstrated infant massages." 

You can learn more about Centering Parenting in this short video from the Centering Healthcare Institute:

If you'd like to talk further with someone about Centering Parenting, please call our Group Coordinator: 

Mónica Gonzalez at 828-771-3488

If you'd like to learn more about Centering Pregnancy (offered at MAHEC Ob/Gyn Specialists), please click here!