Education and TA

“Where can I get expert training and support?”


MAHEC offers education and technical assistance for treating opioid and substance use disorders, including stimulant use disorders, to engage best practices in family medicine, addiction medicine, psychiatry, ob/gyn, dental and other specialties to support comprehensive collaborative strategies and program implementation.

Community and Continuing Education
We currently offer the following continuing medical education courses. Customized trainings may be available upon request.

  • Introduction to Medication-Assisted Treatment / Medication for Opioid Use Disorder
  • Stimulant Use Disorder: Pathophysiology, Current Trends and Treatment
  • Perinatal Substance Use Disorders 101: Exploring Evidence-Based Recommendations for Care
  • Perinatal Substance Use Disorders 201: Expanding Skills and Knowledge to Care for the Mother-Baby Dyad
  • Psychostimulant Use Disorder for the Non-Clinical Team
  • Chronic Opioid Therapy Tapering
  • Stimulant Use Disorders 201: What Healthcare Providers CAN Offer
  • MAT Waiver Training (PCSS)

Coaching Calls
Our substance use disorder education and treatment experts are available to help new and experienced providers navigate prescribing and management of opioid use disorders for complex patients. Individualized coaching calls can support immediate and ongoing needs as providers develop competence and confidence integrating OUD treatment in their practice.

Academic Detailing
Academic detailing provides rigorous unbiased clinical education on medication for opioid use disorder and other therapeutic decisions to improve patient care. This evidence-based approach can be personalized to meet providers’ needs while fulfilling continuing medical education requirements. Our academic detailers are trained by the National Resource Center for Academic Detailing (NaRCAD).

Caring for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder: Policies, Procedures, and Resource Manual
This resource manual provides a comprehensive overview on prescribing medication for opioid use disorder. Click here to access MAHEC’s Manual.


For more information, email the MAHEC OSF Team at and let us know, in a few words, what you would like to discuss, or complete this form to request support. Someone will get back to you by the next business day, Monday - Friday.