Script and License

Length: 1 hour, 1 Act Musical Comedy and Drama
Target Audience: Appropriate for fourth grade children and older.
Actors: 2 male, 4 female

Discover It’s Just A Pill – a new original staged musical that educates young audiences and their families about the risks associated with opioids and substance misuse. Available now to license and produce in your organization or school.

Through the help of some singing dancing pills, creatively tell the story of middle school student, Jolie, and her efforts to learn about the dangers of opioids at the same time the epidemic hits surprisingly close to home. Entertain while providing valuable education on:

  • The dangers of narcotics
  • Safe disposal of drugs/medications
  • The distinction between legal and illegal narcotics
  • The importance of seeking help in an emergency
  • Dealing with stigma

The script and music received input and approval from MAHEC’s Chief Education Officer, Blake Fagan, MD, and behavioral health, school health, and parenting program specialists.

Feedback from Attendees

It’s Just a Pill has been a great conversation starter with our younger children that viewed. This opened conversations. I would say those that would get the most from this production range from 3rd-8th grade.”

— Parenting Specialist, Henderson County

“I enjoyed the play and I think our students did as well. It was a well-orchestrated method of teaching kids useful information while holding their attention.”

— Educator

It’s Just a Pill was great! Engaging, poignant, funny, and the songs were great ... next stop—Broadway!”

— Medical Librarian

“I brought my 11-year-old niece and she loved it, especially the song with the snake. This provided a great opportunity for us to talk about a very difficult subject matter. I don’t want her to have the same challenges I have faced.”

— woman recovering from a substance use disorder,
who began using opioids after a back surgery

License Details

License details and rental materials quoted upon application. Please contact Melody Hays to begin the application process. Additional educational resources will be recommended for use with license.

Cautions: No special cautions
Time Period: Contemporary
Settings: A home, school, and park
Features/Contains: Contemporary costumes/street clothes/fantasy costumes for opioid pills and syrup
Music: Pre-recorded accompaniment and rehearsal voice tracks (7 total songs)
Rehearsal Resources: Music material rental packages; vocal tracks and sheet music
Scripts: Acting; no separate script version for stage manager

Melody Hays: A healthcare education planner at MAHEC, with a degree in Communication and Theater, who has a background in managing children’s productions at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.
David Ruttenberg: A GRAMMY® producer who has worked with Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, and Janet Jackson among others.

Casting Information / Roles

2 male, 4 female. Reduced or expanded casting possible (Aidan, Officer Pressley, Oxy, Opey, and Hydro can be played as separate roles in expanded casting).

Jolie Clark (vocal range: Alto – Mezzo Soprano)
Female, 10 years old. Sweet and innocent. A typical gregarious child who likes to daydream.

Aidan Clark / Officer Pressley (vocal range: Tenor)
Aidan: Male, 15 years old. Jolie’s brother. A cool kid by the standard of his peers. Wise and intuitive beyond his years. A bit cautious around others and protective of his sister.
Officer Pressley: Male – mid-20’s. Police Officer and guest speaker at the elementary school. Personable and easy-going.

Desiree / Oxy (vocal range: Alto)
Desiree: Female, 16 years old. A neighbor to the Clark family. Very savvy, quick witted and attractive, but not always honest.
Oxy: A human-sized opioid pill.

Eddie / Opey (vocal range: Tenor)
Eddie: Male, 16 years old. A neighbor to the Clark family and Desiree. Goofy, a little unrefined, and likes to have fun.
Opey: A human-sized opioid tablet/capsule.

Mrs. Clark / Hydro (vocal range: Alto)
Mrs. Clark: Female, 40 years old. An exaggerating, doting mother. Protective of her family, but in denial about the reality of some of her circumstances.
Hydro: A human-sized cough syrup bottle.

Teacher (vocal range: Alto)
Female, any age. Jolie’s teacher. Kind and engaging.

Contact Information

Melody Hays
(828) 257-4762  or

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