Project PROMISE workshops are led by healthcare professionals and medical students in partnership with health sciences teachers and career and technical education (CTE) coordinators in rural WNC high schools. These hands-on workshops are currently available for students at Mountain Heritage High, Madison High, Mitchell High, McDowell High, McDowell Academy for Innovation, Swain High, and Robbinsville High.

Basic Suturing*NEW*

Our suturing workshop introduces students to the anatomy of the skin and the different types of sutures and their uses. For the hands-on portion of this workshop, students are provided with suture kits and guided to perform a simple interrupted suture on a simulated skin model. 

Basic Vital Signs

In this workshop, students learn how to take someone's temperature, weight, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure while they learn the importance of taking vital signs as a diagnostic tool and the clinical significance of abnormalities.

Blood Typing

Students explore the fundamental biological concepts of blood typing and how it relates to clinical reasoning. This workshop includes a blood typing activity in which students determine their own blood type with a kit and lancet.

Chief Complaint and History of Present Illness

This workshop walks students through taking a patient history⁠—including present illness and medical, family, and social history⁠—and identifying a chief complaint by asking appropriate questions. Students practice clinical reasoning skills using a case study to determine a standardized patient’s disease.

Pig Dissection

Instructors guide students through an anatomical dissection of a fetal pig to identify anatomical structures, the physiology of organ systems, and individual organs.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)*NEW*

Students learn the history and modern uses of ultrasounds and how they are used in rural healthcare settings. This workshop includes live demonstrations by healthcare providers and an opportunity for students to use handheld ultrasound devices on themselves and their peers. 

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