Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

COVID-19 Procedure and Protocol Guidance

Checklist to Prepare Physician Offices | AAFP

COVID-19 Guidance for Providers | NCDHHS

COVID-19 Guidance for Providers | NC DPH

Discontinuation of Home Isolation | NCDHHS

Outpatient Triage and Assessment | NCDHHS

PPE Usage While Caring for Patients | NCDHHS

Coding and Billing for COVID-19

CMS Advanced Payments | NC AHEC

ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines | CDC

Medicaid Phase 1 Billing Changes | CCNC, NCDHHS, NC AHEC

Medicaid Phase 2 Billing Changes | CCNC, NCDHHS, NC AHEC

Financial Assistance

Improving Financial Health | NC AHEC

Financial Assistance | NC AHEC


Primary Care COVID-19 Collaborative | MAHEC Live Drop-In Support T-Th

Using Telehealth for COVID-19 Preparedeness | MAHEC Live Drop-In Support M-W-F

Resources and Webinars on COVID-19 | NC AHEC


Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Stop Unhealthy Alcohol Use Now Summary

Stop Unhealthy Alcohol Use Now Info Sheet