Tailored Care Management Learning Collaborative Series

Oct 6–Aug 3, 2022 Open Medicine Nursing Other

Tailored Care Management Learning Collaborative Series

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Session 4: Supervising and Tracking Care Management
Session 5: Setting Population Health and CQI Goals
Session 6: Models for Reporting and Tracking Outcomes
Session 7: Troubleshooting for the Medicaid Site Review
Session 8: PHP, Billing, and Coding
Session 9: Sustainability Models
Session 10: Emergency Services and Walk-in Crises
Session 11: Risk Stratification and Acuity Tiering
Session 12: Team-Based Care in Integrated Care Settings
Session 13: Serving Co-Occurring Diagnoses
Session 14: Implementing Tailored Care Management
Session 15: Working with the IDD/TBI Population
Session 16: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion: Cultural Competencies
Session 17: OBGYN / Substance Use Disorders (SUD)
Session 18: Trauma-Informed Care
Session 19: Mental Health / Substance Use Disorder Assessments
Session 20: Clinical Consultants: Psychiatrist
Session 21: Working with Justice Involved Patients / Clients
Session 22: Addressing Unmet Health / Resource Needs
Session 23: Improving Patient Access and Engagement
Session 24: Additional Needs Related to Tailored Plan Launch (July 1, 2022)