UNC SOM AVL Campus Fall Preceptor Development Conference

Sep 16, 2021 Closed

UNC SOM AVL Campus Fall Preceptor Development Conference


This educational conference will enable community medical faculty to continue to build and increase their understanding of best clinical teaching practices within the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LIC) curriculum model in medical education, including using role-modeling and challenging learners while maintaining a positive learning environment.

In collaboration with

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Target Audience

UNC SOM Faculty


  • Recognize the role of implicit bias in our interactions with patients and learners.
  • Develop a method to discuss and address the issues of bias and racism with your learners in the clinical setting.
  • Employ strategies to interrupt micro aggressions towards your learner when they occur in the clinical setting.
  • Comprehend a framework for creating an inclusive environment for medical education.
  • Utilize an experiential preceptor application to address challenging learning situations.


  • Rebecca H. Bernstein, MD
  • Erica Taylor-Webb, MD, MBA
  • Sandra Whitlock, MD