20MH030 - Aftershock: Responding to the After Effects of Unexpected Mass Violence

Feb 26, 2020 Closed Mental Health

20MH030 - Aftershock: Responding to the After Effects of Unexpected Mass Violence


Violence in our society has unfortunately become an all too common part of daily life. Large scale mass casualty incidents present significant challenges for immediate response as well as for coping in the aftermath as communities attempt to recover. Human service professionals and emergency responders play multiple roles throughout these processes. It is essential that human service professionals recognize the complex issues from both an internal and practice standpoint, and are prepared to respond to as they work within traumatic, highly-charged environments.

This presenter is being supported through a partnership between the UNC-CH, School of Social Work and the NC AHEC Program.

Please note the snow date is Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

Group Registrations

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Target Audience

All interested health and human services professionals, as well as emergency responders


  • List the multiple roles that human service professionals may play in responding to incidents of mass violence in a community
  • Discuss possible signs and symptoms of traumatic stress that may present in individuals
  • Explain how to recognize symptoms of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • List viable strategies that can be utilized for self-care when working within emotionally charged traumatic environments
  • Outline the importance of an organizational continuity of operations plan (COOP) and the challenges presented by mass casualty violence incidents


  • Matthew J. Sullivan, MSW, JD


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