20AH002 - Occupational Athletes: An Overview of Workplace Injury Prevention & Rehab

Oct 25, 2019 Closed Allied Health

20AH002 - Occupational Athletes: An Overview of Workplace Injury Prevention & Rehab


This foundational course will benefit healthcare providers who wish to include workplace injury prevention and/or work injury services and professionals looking to obtain skills necessary to develop a consulting program to build partnerships with employers

Healthcare providers, safety professionals and human resource experts face common goals in creating healthier and safer environments for their employees, while improving their employers' bottom lines. Building coalitions are key to success. Evidence-based, cost-saving programs must improve short-term health and fiscal outcomes, while simultaneously promoting a long-term, health-driven organizational culture. Through this perspective, workforce members who use their bodies to feed themselves, their families, and their communities are akin to professional athletes.

Course participants will learn how applying sports and integrative medicine models to corporate and industrial workplaces can create a cultural shift that elevates workforce self-image and self-responsibility. This in turn enhances leadership communication and cooperation towards the common goal of a healthier, more productive workplace. Course participants will learn to develop methods for evaluating multi-task jobs in manufacturing, office, and healthcare settings. All will benefit from this practical, conceptual framework and model.

Target Audience

Occupational Therapists and Assistants, Physical Therapists and Assistants, Nurses & other interested Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Provider Students


  • Utilize a practical and conceptual framework upon which to confidently pursue professionally rewarding work in workplace injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Effectively discuss challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving quest for injury prevention, workforce optimization, safety and health with other healthcare providers, environmental health & safety professionals, human resources experts and senior organization leadership
  • Engage critical evaluation skills when encountering inflated contractor, vendor and practitioner claims in the marketplace for more informed decision-making for all - and more honest claims of effectiveness
  • Relate the difference between often expensive/existing models of downstream disease management versus the emerging/low-cost upstream opportunities inherent in integrative sports medicine to expand the definition of health, healthcare and describe what a healthy workforce looks like
  • Regard members of their client’s workforce as fully functional professional athletes, utilizing this shift in perspective to better understand the worksite corollaries between their client’s personnel -- and coaches, trainers, general managers, and athlete models


  • Matt Jeffs, DPT, PSM, CEAS


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