20DE001 - Geriatric Dental Care - On-site at MAHEC or via Videoconference

Sep 20, 2019 Closed Dentistry

20DE001 - Geriatric Dental Care - On-site at MAHEC or via Videoconference


Improve your ability to assess and treat the geriatric patient with this lecture/discussion-based educational activity. Gain knowledge and skills that will enable you to make appropriate decisions regarding who to treat, how much treatment to provide, and under what conditions treatment should be provided.

Topics of this lecture/discussion-based learning include:
Health History Assessment
Pharmacological Assessment
Assessment of Mental Status
Common Geriatric Conditions of Significance in Dental Care
Treatment Techniques of Root Caries in the Elderly Dental Patient
Preventative Dental Care
Elder Abuse

MAHEC has the ability to provide a videoconference of this event to other satellite locations in the MAHEC region. Please contact the planner of the course to arrange a videoconference. Rosalyn Wasserman

Group Registrations
Registering 2 or more participants with one payment? Please use the PDF Brochure/Registration Form, and send completed paper registrations for the full group to the Registration Team at MAHEC.

fax 828.257.4768 | email registration@mahec.net | mail MAHEC Registration, 121 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

Target Audience

Dental Healthcare Providers


  • Perform a health history as well as doing a pharmacological and brief mental health assessment of geriatric patients
  • Provide preventative dental care, caregiver/patient education and treat common geriatric dental conditions
  • Treat root caries in the geriatric dental patient
  • Recognize potential signs of elder abuse


  • Allen D. Samuelson, DDS


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