19PH005 - Spring Symposium on Women's Health for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

May 19, 2019 Planning Pharmacy

19PH005 - Spring Symposium on Women's Health for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians


This event is being rescheduled.

This knowledge-based Spring Symposium on Women's Health Issues for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians will focus on current topics relevant to women’s health. The topics selected are from suggestions from previous course attendees, etc.

Co-Sponsored With:

UNC Eshelamn School of Pharmacy

Target Audience

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in all aspects of Pharmacy


  • Review of major forms of contraception utilized today - how they work, how well they work, and for whom they may work best (P/T)
  • Update on new forms of contraception now available and on the horizon (P/T)
  • Discuss the three main types of emergency contraception available, including efficacy, limitations, mechanisms of action, and potential side effects (P/T)
  • Review epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in men and women (P)
  • Identify cardiovascular risk factor unique to men and women (P)
  • Compare sex-specific differences in evidence-based medicine and cardiovascular health recommendations (P)
  • Discuss management of menopausal symptoms, indication of treatment and choice of therapy (P)
  • Review benefits and risks associated with hormone replacement therapy (P)
  • Develop a treatment plan for common illnesses in pregnancy (P)
  • Identify high risk and controversial medications in pregnancy (P)
  • Advise patients on goals of therapy and common meds used for preeclampsia and gestational diabetes (P)
  • Explain the basic pathophysiology of osteoporosis and the impact osteoporosis has on society (P)
  • Identify the National Osteoporosis Foundation's recommendations for screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis (P)
  • Recognize current FDA-approved agents for the treatment of osteoporosis and their mechanisms of action, efficacy, dosing, administration, and adverse effects (P)


  • Claire C. Austin, PharmD
  • Emily Ghassemi, PharmD, MSCR
  • Angela Knight, PharmD
  • Hien T. Nguyen, PharmD, CPP
  • Rachel Selinger, Pharm D