19NE035 - The 10th Annual Communicable Disease Conference: Discovering the Power of Partnerships

Apr 3–Apr 5, 2019 Closed Medicine Mental Health Nursing Public Health

19NE035 - The 10th Annual Communicable Disease Conference: Discovering the Power of Partnerships


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Public health professionals continue to address the challenges of syndemics, antimicrobial resistance, emerging diseases and large scale outbreaks fueled by global food networks with an aging public health workforce and fragile infrastructure. Public health professionals need not only the latest communicable disease information and best practices to guide program management, but also a network of partners at all levels to respond to communicable disease needs in their community.

This conference provides an opportunity to share evidence-based information and best practices for addressing public health problems and communicable disease investigations of public health significance. The availability of state subject matter experts to dialogue with local partners fosters professional development and improved surveillance and investigation. The content of this conference is intended to partially satisfy requirements for both Local Health Department Accreditation and selected Agreement Addenda.

The desired outcome for The 10th Annual Communicable Disease Conference is to enable participants to discuss strategies and partnerships to use as best practices in communicable disease management for the citizens they serve.


Renaissance Asheville Hotel
31 Woodfin Street
Asheville, NC 28801

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Target Audience

Communicable disease program staff in local North Carolina health departments, physicians, physicians' assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical directors.


  • Discuss the multifaceted approach to syndemic response using emerging and traditional public health tools to impact the health of our community
  • Outline steps for positive communication with clients who have a drug use disorder
  • Identify strategies and partnerships for change to achieve successful public health outcomes


  • Davida L. Akins, BSN, RN
  • Justin Albertson, MS
  • Lillie B. Armstrong, MPH
  • Alexis M. Barbarin, MEd PhD
  • Erica Berl, DVM MPH
  • Christie R. Caputo, MPH
  • Emily P. Carmody, MSW, LCSW
  • Elaine S. Cessna, RN, BSN
  • Deborah A. Dolan, BS
  • Michael S. Doyle, M.S., MS
  • Curt Euler, JD
  • Zachary M. Faigen, MSPH, REHS
  • Teresa G. Fisher, BSN, RN, CIC
  • Evelyn M. Foust, MPH, CPM
  • Vanessa M. Greene, ADN, RN, BSN
  • Carolyn Herzig, PhD, MS
  • Darlene B. Hobson, BSN
  • Constance S. Jones, BS, MA, CPM
  • Markita M. Keaton, DrPH
  • Nicole Lee, MPH, MSc
  • James W. Lewis, MD, MPH
  • Jennifer K. MacFarquhar, BSN,MPH,RN,CIC
  • Jean-Marie Maillard, MD, MSc
  • Vivian P. Mears, BSN, RN
  • Victoria L. Mobley, MD, MPH
  • Jill D. Moore, MPH, JD
  • Zack S. Moore, MD, MPH
  • Tammra L. Morrison, BSN, RN
  • Jennifer L. Mullendore, MD, MSPH
  • Josa Raynor-Vaughn, BS
  • Carol Lynn Rose, MSN, RN, PHNA-BC
  • Martha J. Salyers, MD, MPH, CEM
  • Erika Samoff, MPH, PhD
  • Jan E. Shepard, MBA
  • Tamara L. Staehler, RN, BSN, ERRN
  • Katie J. Steider, MPH, CPH
  • Jennifer L. Stewart, MS, REHS
  • Susan M. Sullivan, MS, RN-BC
  • Susan K. Swinson, ADN
  • Anita Valiani, MPH
  • Holly C. Watkins, MPH
  • Connie B. Weant, BSN, RN, ERRN
  • Kelly A. Welsh, BSN, RN


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