19MH006A - Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: A 9-V Integrative Approach

Jun 10, 2019 Closed Mental Health

19MH006A - Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: A 9-V Integrative Approach


This is both an introductory and intermediate program.
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Taught by internationally renowned Enneagram Master, Honorary Founder and previous Board Member of the International Enneagram Association, Dr. Jerome Wagner, this course is suitable for novices and Enneagram enthusiasts alike.

You’ve heard of 3D. Jerry Wagner introduced 9Vs to reflect the multidimensional beauty and complexity of the Enneagram personality styles. Arranged under nine “Vs,” Wagner’s system creates a 9 x 9 symmetrical matrix that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. This one-day workshop clearly illustrates the nine Vs of each personality style, providing answers to commonly-asked questions and getting to the core of what makes each one “tick”

Values: What motivates, excites, and enthuses each style?
Visions: Worldviews of each style. What each style envisions as their purpose. Representative adaptive and maladaptive schemas of each style.
Vulnerabilities: Highly sensitive areas of each style, which may easily result in emotional reactivity
Virtues: Love expressed in an undistorted way, emanating from healthy emotional schemas that reflect the “true self”
Vices: Addictive reactions originating from the “false self,” and love expressed in a distorted manner
Vectors: Connections and internal flow among the nine styles -- what each style experiences under relaxed or stressful conditions
Venues: The enVironmental conditions under which human beings grow up – nurture that grows or slows our nature
deVelopment: Interactions of nature and nurture throughout the life-cycle
Vicissitudes: Chance encounters, unpredictable vagaries and variations that keep occurring during our lives, making all personality theories, including the Enneagram, always tentative

In addition, there is a Special Discounted Rate for Groups.

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Target Audience

Mental health practitioners and spiritual directors, (including licensed clinical psychologists, clergy, licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, clergy, marriage and family therapists), and others interested in personality development, interpersonal dynamics, groups and personal growth


  • Describe a framework for organizing nine key facets of the nine Enneagram personality styles
  • Verbalize examples for each of the nine Vs, relative to each personality style
  • Demonstrate how to use the Enneagram as a diagnostic tool for understanding their own personality dynamics and that of others
  • List at least three adaptive and maladaptive schemas of each of the Enneagram personality styles
  • Describe intervention techniques for moving individuals from a less resourceful to a more resourceful way of being
  • Identify the characteristic shifts of these nine styles when they are in a stressful vs. relaxed state or environment


  • Jerome Wagner, PhD


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