19NESIM008 - School Nurse Clinical Competency Workshop

Nov 2, 2018 Closed Nursing

19NESIM008 - School Nurse Clinical Competency Workshop


Children are now attending school with more complex and chronic health needs. In order to assure safe and high-quality health care in the educational setting, school nurses need expanded skills and knowledge in order to meet the growing needs of their students.

Our vision for a successful and effective school nurse is one that meets the identified health needs of their children and supports the health and wellness of the school community. When children are healthy and their needs are met, they are ready to learn and can be academically successful. To reach that goal, nurses who provide health services must be able to continually grow as well as learn new skill sets or refresh skills and knowledge through professional development activities.

The goal of this program is to empower school nurses by providing them with up-to-date educational skill sets that leverage safer and more efficient delivery of care for their students.

Target Audience

School Nurses


  • Please note: Attending this workshop does not establish, or verify a participant’s competency in the topics discussed.
  • Describe the management of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia at school
  • Discuss regional cultural considerations that can impact school age children
  • Review the school nurse's role in medication administration
  • Identify the school nurse's role in delegating tasks
  • Demonstrate tracheostomy care and suctioning, in and out catheterization, PICC line care, ostomy care, and G-tube feedings using task trainers
  • Learn advanced physical examination skills/techniques
  • Identify the school nurse's role in oxygen administration
  • Recognize seizure activity in the school age child (generalized or drop seizure) and responsibilities to that child


  • Elaine Alexander, BSN, MSN, RNC-OB
  • Frank Castelblanco, DNP, RN
  • Alice V. Elio, RN, MSN, NCSN, CCHC
  • Bonnie Garner, MS CPN RN CCHC-C
  • Jennifer M. Kaylor, RN, BSN, CWON
  • Robert Luka, RN, CDE, IC
  • Ronnie C. Metcalf, RN-BC, EdD, ONC
  • Michelle Rogers, MSH, FNP-C, NCSN
  • Joyce V. Winstead, MSN, RN, FRE, RNC


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