Simulation Equipment

Our well-equipped simulation center offers a variety of simulation modalities to support realistic experiential learning. Training scenarios are customizable and can include high fidelity manikins, task traininers, virtual reality simulators, and standardized patient simulations in any combination to train healthcare professionals and learners in the full spectrum and continuum of care. 

Our equipment includes:

Patient Simulators


Nursing Anne

SimMan® Essential

Premature Anne

Super Tory® newborn

Pediatric Hal®

SUSIE® S2000


Victoria® Obstetric

SimMan® 3G  


Task Trainers


Airway Management
(difficult and infant)

Intramuscular Injection

Arms - Advanced Venipuncture
(light and brown)

Knee Aspiration & Injection

Arms - Multi-Venous IV

Laparoscopic Skills

ArteriaLine & ABG Hand and Arm

Lumbar Puncture Simulator
(adult and pediatric)

Bladder Ultrasound

Lumbar Puncture and
Spinal Epidural

Breathing Simulator

Neonatal Intubation

Breast Ultrasound

Paracentesis Ultrasound

Catheterization Models (male and female)

Perineal Repair Trainer

Central Line Ultrasound

Postpartum Uterus

Childbirth Skills (Super OB Susie®)

Prostate and Rectal Examination

CPR+D Skills Torso

Shoulder Injection -
Palpation Guided

QCPR (Little Anne)

Surgical Knot Tying (variety)

Cricoid Stick Trainer

Thyroid Ultrasound

Elbow Joint Injection


Female Pelvic Trainer


Femoral Vascular Access
Lower Torso Ultrasound

Tuberculosis Testing Arm

Foot and Ankle Joint Injection

GE LOGIQ™ E10 Ultrasound 

Hand and Wrist Joint Injection

Vascular Access -
Chester Chest

Hip Injection


Virtual Reality Simulators


Anatomage Dissection Table


Clinical Breast Exam with Laptop


GI Mentor

SonoSim® Ultrasound

LAP Mentor