Rural Medicine

In a small town, you can make a big difference!

“This is truly a community-based program, conceived and maintained by physicians who live and work as an integral part of this community. If you hope to someday be that ‘complete family doctor,’ this is a program that allows for an incredibly wide range of enriching clinical experiences in a personalized setting that maximizes flexibility for adult learners who are ready to take charge of the next phase of their professional lives.”
— Geoffrey Jones, MD (Program Director)

The Hendersonville program is an innovative, community-based program designed to train family doctors who would like to practice rural medicine in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.  Physicians learn best by doing, not watching. The program utilizes an apprenticeship model in which residents work alongside faculty in a collegial and supportive atmosphere. Throughout your training program, you will have the opportunity to perform a variety of procedures to feel fully confident in incorporating them into your practice.

Small-town doctors can make a big difference in their communities, and we’ll help you attain the skills you need to be an effective leader. You will have an extensive orientation that exposes you to public health issues. During your second and third years, you will develop and implement a community project. You will be given the opportunity to care for the homeless in a resident-run free clinic, and you will gain experience working alongside our network of dedicated preceptors in rural practices throughout Western North Carolina.

Rural training is more apprentice-like and hands-on, with greater continuity in faculty, staff, patient and community interaction than training in many if not most urban places.  To learn more about our program, we encourage you to apply for a 4th year FM rotation. Our course (FMME 457) is a combined rotation with our Asheville program. For more information, please contact Lisa Keiber at   We look forward to hearing from you!