Research is a critical process in the innovation of quality patient care, patient education, and graduate medical education.

MAHEC inter- and intra-professional teams conduct clinical, epidemiological, translational, educational, and patient-centered outcome research within the context of graduate medical education, faculty development, and collaborative research partnerships. Residents and Fellows participate in experiential research training and investigator-initiated research projects. Medical students, undergraduate and graduate students from regional universities collaborate in ongoing and investigator-initiated projects in the pursuit of academic degrees.

Clinical providers including doctors, certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, licensed social workers and counselors, pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses, certified medical assistants, and phlebotomists collaborate on projects with dedicated research staff. Our external research partners include the following:

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Network, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Women’s Research Center of the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
  • Mission Hospital and the Mission Hospital Research Institute
  • Western Carolina University
  • UNC-Asheville
  • Community Care of Western North Carolina
  • National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics
  • March of Dimes
  • Other graduate medical education programs and multi-site research collaboratives


Research Priorities:

At MAHEC we strive to align our research priorities with Western North Carolina citizens' diverse needs. Our current priority areas for research include:

  1. Demonstrating the impact of our rural health initiative on the rural workforce of Western North Carolina
  2. Demonstrating the effectiveness of our medical education strategies
  3. Assessing the effectiveness of innovative patient care strategies in improving population health, specifically in areas related to substance abuse, mental health, obesity, preconception and inter-conception care, and social determinants of health


Publication News:

The latest external publications by MAHEC faculty and learners:

Eiff MP, Green LA, Jones G, Devlaeminck AV, Waller E, Dexter E, Marino M, Carney PA. Varied rates of implementation of patient centered medical home features and residents’ perceptions of their importance based on practice experience. Fam Med. In Press, June 2016.

Carney PA, Waller E, Dexter E, Marino M, Rosener SE, Green LA, Jones G, Keister DM, Dostal J, Jones SM, Eiff PM. Association Between Exposure to Features of the Patient Centered Medical Home and Satisfaction with Family Medicine Residency Training in the U.S. Family Medicine. In Press, June 2016.

Rosener SE, Barr WB, Frayne DJ, Barash JH, Gross ME, Bennett IM. Interconception Care for Mothers During Well-Child Visits With Family Physicians: An IMPLICIT Network Study. Ann Fam Med. July/August 2016;14(4):350-355.

Frayne DJ, Verbiest S, Chelmow D, Clarke H, Dunlop A, Hosmer J, Menard MK, Moos M, Ramos D, Stuebe A, Zephyrin L. Health care system measures to advance preconception wellness. Obstet Gynecol. 2016; 0(0):1-10.

Hitch B, Parlier AB, Reed L, Galvin SL, Fagan EB, Wilson CG. Evaluation of a team-based, transitions of care management service on 30-day readmission rates. North Carolina Medical Journal. 2016; 77:87-92; doi:10.18043/ncm.77.2.87        

Latessa R, Schmitt A, Beaty N, Buie S, Ray L. Preceptor teaching tips in longitudinal clerkships. Clin Teach. 2016; 12:1–6

If you know of an additional publication that you believe should be listed above, or if you have questions, contact:

Jenna White, BS, MEd
Administrative Manager, Research & Grants
MAHEC Division of Research
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